ICF Singapore Chartered Chapter 2015-2016 Executive Committee Nominee

Your background and experience with ICF

I am a trained Co-Active coach specialized in high performance teams and Agile coaching. I have over 15 years of international experience and I have played competitive sports for over 20 years at a national and international level. I value innovation, courage and honesty. My passion for people is what drive most of my professional growth and what lead me to professional coaching.

As a leader I inspire other by staying authentic and creating meaningful relationship with the ones around me. My calm presence, strength and intuition are the foundation to my coaching style. I am completely dedicated to the greatness of my clients and their aspirations.

I have attended a few ICF events and I am connected with several senior members of ICF Singapore

What do you envision contributing to the Singapore Chapter?

Looking at what my peers are doing in the ICF Singapore chapter it inspires me and I want to share my energy and passion to support the growth of ICF in Singapore.
I am very keen to be involved in support ICF events and community activities. I am eager to share, drive and transform.