ICF Singapore Chartered Chapter 2014-2015 Executive Committee Nominee

Hermann Ditzig Bio

I have lived in Singapore for 30 years, working for Singapore organizations (NPB and SIM) as a consultant,then managing a British firmís Management Development and e-HR business in Asia, finally starting LeAD Consulting Group in 2003 focusing on leadership assessment and development. Executive Coaching was the natural outcome of a lifelong interest in leadership development. In addition to the client work I have held academic positions, teaching Organization Science related courses in the United States (1978-1983), and with the University of London and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in their programs here is Singapore organized by SIM.

Your background and experience with ICF

Iíve been a member of the ICF for over a decade. I joined as soon as I decided to shift professional identity from being a Training and Development Professional to being a Coaching Professional. Since joining, I have attended every one of the ICFís international conferences, except for last one in London.

I have presented at the Singapore ICF evenings 3 times sharing what was learned at these international conferences with other Singapore members who had attended, and two other times focusing on the state of research in coaching.

What do you envision contributing to the Singapore Chapter?

There are two areas where I feel I can contribute. The first is in Research. I strongly believe that as a new and emerging profession, Coaching needs to establish itself upon a foundation of solid knowledge:

What works and what doesnít work and under what circumstances do different approaches work best. Secondly I would like to see how we can create stronger regional SEA coaching linkages. I believe that the Singapore chapter is one of the strongest in the region and would like to see how we can create cross border collaborations to further the growth of coaching in SEA.