ICF Singapore Chartered Chapter 2017-2018 Executive Committee Nominee

Dylan Liau

I live and born in Singapore, having gone through study, military service and work here. I have worked for wide ranging industries from Education to Tourism to Logistic to Electronics, in between I have also gone into business partnerships. My career in the past 12 years had been mostly training related in the field of Information Technology (IT). I have trained, development and lead various training initiatives. Since I spend time with people, coaching becomes the natural choice for my personal development.

My background and experience with ICF

I joined ICF in 2013 and I have participated in Coaching for Community initiative.

What I envision contributing to the ICF Singapore Chapter

What I can contribute to the Singapore Chapter is my experience in conducting online webinars. I would also like to work closely with the sub-committees to bring about a better experience for members.