ICF Singapore Chartered Chapter 2017-2018 Executive Committee Nominee

Joe Chan

I’m born in Singapore and I grew up amongst interesting conditions in the heartlands. I’m now also a social worker for the past 12 years at REACH Community Services Society (a charity with IPC status), actively working with troubled youths and their families. I enjoy the challenges and thrills of this work starting as a case worker myself overseeing individuals, families and programmes till today where I head the Youth Wing of REACH Community Services Society. With a dedicated team of social workers, counsellors and youth workers, we reach out to 500 beneficiaries every month all over Singapore through our various services and programmes. At the personal level, I’ve also been involved in the grassroots work for the last 10 years and also recently set up a social enterprise, Ark of Hope, reaching out to adult ex- offenders.

My background and experience with ICF
  • Supported and worked closely with the ICF C4C committee to launch a 6 - months staff coaching initiative for my staff team in 2016.
  • Become a member of ICF Singapore chapter since Sept 2016 and since then have been active participant in a few of the COP and other chapter events.
What I envision contributing to the ICF Singapore Chapter
  • I hope to bring with me my experience, perspectives and connections from the social service sector here in Singapore and the region to the chapter.
  • I hope to introduce coaching as a mode of intervention and support to the marginalized and disadvantaged so as to further make a difference in their lives.
  • I hope to raise the profile of profile coaching amongst charities and non – government organisations so that they can be more aware of its practice and profession here in Singapore.