ICF Singapore Chartered Chapter 2016-2017 Executive Committee Nominee

Nawal Bendefa, CPC, PCCM
Personal Development Coach, NLP Practitioner.

I believe in “The shining star” that sparkles and grows within each human being.
I am passionate about inspiring people to find their unique talents and strengths, unleash their potential and thrive by designing the life they want through personal and professional transitions.

I use a customised global and practical approach that opens doors and windows to various perspectives and possibilities while uncovering the client’s UTP: Unique Talents and Potential. The UTP is a mindful approach to self-awareness and self-leadership. It reveals the way to self-love and positive change.

I have 20 years experience in coaching (7 years) and marketing, brand management, communication and HR strategy in different fields, cultures and countries. I have lived in Switzerland, The Philippines, South Korea and Singapore where I founded UTP Coaching Solution in 2014.

MBSR Practitioner, MBTI certified, Globsmart Profile© certified. Certified in Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholders Centred Coaching Program.

My background and experience with ICF
  • ICF member since 2010.
  • June 2014 to September 2015 : I have been part of the launch of the Research Committee with Hermann Ditzig and Maria Tzortzaki. A great experience full of learning and team collaboration.
  • Since October 2016 : Member of the ICF ExCo involved in Events’ organisation.
  • Since September 2016 : Facilitator and Co-Founder of the COP “Life Coaching”
My background and experience with ICF
  • What I envision contributing to the ICF Singapore Chapter.
  • Support the ExCo team and contribute to the organisation of interesting and inspiring events.
  • Promote the activities and events of the Chapter in order to create more positive ripples about the coaching field.
  • Bring new ideas and initiatives in order to engage members and build a strong ICF network.
  • Continue facilitating the COP “Life Coaching” and creating awareness around the profession.
  • Bringing smiles and happiness and having fun is a crucial part of the whole volunteering experience.