ICF Singapore Chartered Chapter 2017-2018 Executive Committee Nominee

Ritu Gupta Mehrish: Executive Coach and Facilitator

Areas of Expertise:
  • Preparing leaders and teams for future
  • Helping leaders build their presence
  • Building teams for growth and expansion
  • Supporting leaders during transition
Business Experience:
  • Managed global operations
  • Built and nurtured global teams
  • Led several change initiatives
  • Worked in multiple countries
I have over 19 years of corporate experience in leading and working with teams across the world – US, UK, Latin America, Europe, Philippines, Singapore and India. I have held several leadership positions in running global operations and managing client relationships. I have run a multi-million dollar vertical, and have built and led a global and diverse team of 800+ people across eight countries. I have developed, nurtured and grown client relationships with some of the Fortune 100 companies across the world. Through my career the common thread has been my passion to work with people – teams or clients, which lead to my transition into the world of coaching five years back!

I have worked with P&G, GE Capital, and GE spin off Genpact. I did my Bachelors in Commerce from Delhi University, India and am a Chartered Certified Accountant from UK. I have lived in multiple countries - US, UK, Ireland, India and Singapore.

My background and experience with ICF

My experience as a member of the chapter has been great. I was welcomed with a lot of warmth. I had great learnings during my experience as a C4C coach, as an ICF coach volunteer during the job fest and supporting the team during the ICF International week. I got an opportunity to interact and work with people from diverse backgrounds. Most of all got to give back and contribute to the community in my own small way.

What I envision contributing to the ICF Singapore Chapter

My biggest motivation to join the Ex Co is to promote this very fulfilling profession; not only its benefits but also why in today’s world this is a very crucial intervention. I would work to create the right visibility through events, strategic partnerships and roadshows. My business background helped me build my core strengths of working with diverse and cross functional groups. My coaching journey has given me a curious mind always open to listening, learning and contributing. I would leverage the marriage of both my experiences. I would reach out to the new coaches, help them accelerate their learnings and provide them a community of like-minded people. I would also use this opportunity to learn the finer nuances of the craft from my seniors. Last but not the least I would explore ways to make our chapter more fun and all meetings more enjoyable!