ICF Singapore Chartered Chapter 2017-2018 Executive Committee Nominee

Suman Balani Bio

Suman is a Senior Executive Leadership Coach and Facilitator who creates and delivers developmental programs for individuals, groups and organisations. Prior to her coaching career, Suman has over 25 years in leadership experience in payments, technology and healthcare services, including positions in corporate strategy development, business operations, strategic marketing, product development and technology innovation. Her corporate experience in diverse industries and roles enables her to immediately relate to the challenges faced by her clients, enlarge their perspectives and support them in making conscious choices for their personal and professional success.

Suman holds an Executive Masters in Organisational Psychology and Coaching and Consulting for Change from INSEAD Business School.

Suman is a Board Member of SPD, a non-profit organization serving persons with disabilities, and currently serves on the Executive Committee of the International Coach Federation (Singapore Chapter) as vice-treasurer and council member, leading initiatives to provide coaching to the community.

My background and experience with ICF

I have been a member of ICF for over 4 years and have served in the Executive Committee (Singapore Chapter) since 2014, as a member of the C4C team and in this last year as assistant –Treasurer. I am now interested to serve in the role of Treasurer.

Over the last 3 years, in addition to providing pro-bono coaching to over 16 leaders from the NGO sector, I have helped to build a number of Coaching for Community (C4C) Partnerships and created significant awareness of the Programme and the Value of Coaching in the not-for-profit sector in Singapore. C4C continues to grow each year, attracting many new coaches to ICF, and continues to bring positive change to leaders in the not-for-profit sectors. We shall continue to strengthen our community partnerships and create new opportunities for our members.

What I envision contributing to the ICF Singapore Chapter

As Treasurer, I will leverage my relationships in the payments sector to enhance the on-line payments experience offered by the ICF Singapore Chapter. In addition, I would like to work on streamlining current financial processes and build upon existing governance procedures as required by the Exco, and in service of our members.