ICF Singapore Chartered Chapter 2016-2017 Executive Committee Nominee

Avni Martin Bio

Originally from India, I have lived in UK, Malaysia, New Zealand, and now Singapore (5 years). I am married with two children, love travelling and staying fit with Marathons, Triathlons, yoga and diving.

I'm a BSc Graduate of Chemistry from Imperial College, London.

Previous to becoming an Associate Certified Coach, I've worked in personal development, HR, management consulting and grew an SME in the UK.

I am the founder of www.martinccs.com, and we currently provide ICF approved ACSTH Certified Coach Training Program, Mentor Coaching and Executive Coaching Services in Singapore. We plan to provide the full ACPT course in April.

My background and experience with ICF

I am a contributing member of ICF in Singapore, a valued member of the ICF Research Committee, love the work and get along well with the team members.

Iíve worked closely with Hermann and Ullrich on an Industry Research project to conduct a survey with organisations about their internal Coaching Infrastructure and Program to develop best practice model. Iím also currently developing with Maria, the content and presentation of the ICF Research Committee web-pages of the new upcoming ICF website.

Iím also organising the first ever East Coast ICF Peer Coaching Sessions and aim to encourage bigger participation.

What I envision contributing to the ICF Singapore Chapter

My passion with ICF is to work with the Research Committee to advance the value of our industry and the role of ICF within it.

I will complete the current industry research and website development projects and look forward to initiating an exciting brand-new project to:

a) provide more live recorded coaching sessions with constructive feedback that focus on demonstrating specific ICF Core Competencies in action

b) research and share various coaching models, approaches and styles to create an environment of joint learning, sharing and development for our members and coaching community as a whole.