ICF Singapore Chartered Chapter 2016-2017 Executive Committee Nominee

Manon Swaving Bio

I am an MMS and ICF Certified Coach (PCC level), trainer and facilitator. Over the last 10 years I have been training and coaching over one thousand people of all walks of life. Various industries have crossed my path, working at companies including Hitachi, McKinsey & Company and Unilever. Iím educated in groupdynamics, working with energy and chakraís and female leadership. At the MMS WorldWide Institute I do would what I love doing most: leading the Transformational Coach Training and Inner Negotation Workshops. I blossom best in environments of safety, love and inspiration. Where I go, I create just that.

My background and experience with ICF

When the MMS Coach Training got ICF accredited in 2013, I initially was a little reluctant to go through the rigorous process of getting certified myself. However, leading the MMS Coach Training I stepped in to teaching the ICF Core Competencies and experienced how much the Ethics and Core Competencies grounds the magic of the transformation we created in our coaching and trainings. I know what it takes to inspire people to step into the profession, as well as enrolling them into bringing their coaching to their next level using the rich community of ICF.

What I envision contributing to the ICF Singapore Chapter

I recently moved from Amsterdam to Singapore with my family, with the intention to be here for the next 5 years. My husband and I are both here to bring the transformational work we do to this region and collaborate with professionals who share the same purpose. Part of my purpose is creating an abundance of excellent coaches in the world. I want to contribute to the growth and depth of the ICF Community in Singapore, by bringing my heart, power and clarity, my marketing background, experience in organizing large events and international network. I look forward connecting with you!