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Welcome to the C4C community. Thank you for your interest in the Coaches for Community (C4C) programme.

Main focus for the 2017:

  1. To build up a network of coaches who are both professional and compassionate towards the needs of our community.
  2. To create platforms to acknowledge and recognise C4C coaches through events and social media.

Our "Coaches for Community" (C4C) initiative is to serve the larger community as coaches and in turn engage ICF members by providing them with opportunities to serve the community. We have worked with a variety of non-profit organisations and charities. We aim to partner with the organisations we serve to design a program that meets the needs of their stakeholders that they are serving.

Characteristics and criteria of a C4C Coach:

  • Being open and willing to work with the coachee and the non – profit organisation, respecting their differences and constraints.
  • Be able to commit to the project from start till end, especially those group sessions that are mandatory to attend for project brief/orientation.
  • Being helpful to the coachee and their organisation. Many of the coachees aren’t familiar with the coaching process and framework and thus they may not know what to expect out of this project.
  • Be open to change of schedules. Have an understanding and discussion with the coachee on how to work around such situations where needed. Be creative and understanding.
  • A current member of ICF, with an updated coach profile page and a ready CV for the non – profit organisation to refer to.

Current C4C projects looking for coaches


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Number of Coaches Required



Gift of Coaching Event 2017

20 coaches & 10 volunteers

Our "Coaches for Community" initiative which is set out to encourage and rally the coaching community to come together to serve the larger community. And thus far we have been having many wonderful projects of which many of you were part of. BUT there hasn't yet been one C4C platform where we bring the non - profit sector as a whole and the ICF community together. Therefore, we hope that through this inaugural event, we will be able to highlight the work that we do as coaches and also to invite the non - profit sector leaders to come forward and connect and dream together what we can achieve together for our community together!

Here are the objectives of this event:

  1. To create awareness of the coaching profession to the non-profit sector
  2. To interest more non-profits to sign up for pro bono coaching as an organization in 2018

On the 30th Nov, we would like to invite you, coaches, to come forward to provide laser coaching sessions during the event, network and interact with the sector leaders.

Please find the event details as follows:

No. of coaches 20
No. of volunteers 10
No. of coachees 60
Selection Process
  • ICF C4C will send out event brief to members asking for interests
  • Coach profiles to be created for event day to provide laser coaching sessions
  • Coaches to attend the event
Event Details 30th Nov, 9am – 1pm.
TOUCH Community Services, Gateway Theatre, 3615 Jalan Bukit Merah

To sign up for this project, please sign up here.

Team C4C  
ICF Singapore


Please get in touch with us at c4c@icfsingapore.org or any of our C4C Team to see how you can make a difference today!