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Welcome to the C4C community. Thank you for your interest in the Coaches for Community (C4C) programme.

Main focus for the 2017:

  1. To build up a network of coaches who are both professional and compassionate towards the needs of our community.
  2. To create platforms to acknowledge and recognise C4C coaches through events and social media.

Our "Coaches for Community" (C4C) initiative is to serve the larger community as coaches and in turn engage ICF members by providing them with opportunities to serve the community. We have worked with a variety of non-profit organisations and charities. We aim to partner with the organisations we serve to design a program that meets the needs of their stakeholders that they are serving.

Characteristics and criteria of a C4C Coach:

  • Being open and willing to work with the coachee and the non – profit organisation, respecting their differences and constraints.
  • Be able to commit to the project from start till end, especially those group sessions that are mandatory to attend for project brief/orientation.
  • Being helpful to the coachee and their organisation. Many of the coachees aren’t familiar with the coaching process and framework and thus they may not know what to expect out of this project.
  • Be open to change of schedules. Have an understanding and discussion with the coachee on how to work around such situations where needed. Be creative and understanding.
  • A current member of ICF, with an updated coach profile page and a ready CV for the non – profit organisation to refer to.

Current C4C projects looking for coaches



Project Name


Number of Coaches Required




15 coaches

ICF is partnering with The Centre for NON Profit Leadership (CNPL) to support their COMPASS programmes in 2017.

The COMPASS programme is a structured and holistic programme designed to enable non-profit leaders to cultivate a deeper understanding of themselves and achieve greater excellence. Based on a framework of 12 leadership competencies, it comprises of leadership surveys, a development centre* and executive coaching.

This programme is targeted at current and potential non-profit executive directors and officers with equivalent strategic and general management responsibilities in their respective organisations.

The programme is designed to provide participants with an experiential learning journey covering both strategic and practical aspects of leadership. Through CNPL’s COMPass programme, participants will:

  1. Identify their strengths and receive individual feedback on their development areas.
  2. Develop a professional development plan with insights from their surveys and executive coaching sessions.
  3. Develop the competencies needed to become a high performing non-profit leader.

Please find the project details as follows:

Coachees 15 Executive Directors
# of Coaches 15
Ideal Coach Profiles *
  • Executive Coaches and not purely Life Coaches
  • Early 40's and above
  • Work experience of at least 10+ years in corporate, public sector, non profit with responsibilities as a people manager
  • Work experience in leadership development, talent management, people and performance management
  • Have coached a NPO leader or volunteered in a NPO in the last 3 years


* Please note that above are the ideal requirements and candidates who cover several/most of the above criteria should still apply for the program

Selection Process
  • ICF C4C Team will send out project briefs to members asking for applications with ICF member profile
  • Coach profiles to be shared with CNPL leaders (Stacey / Winifred) for shortlisting
  • Shortlisted coaches to come for 1 hour face to face group interview with Winifred on 7th Jun 4pm-5pm
  • Coach confirmation by CNPL (Stacey / Winifred)
Group Interview 7th Jun 4pm to 5pm (N.A. if they are existing COMPass Assessors/Coaches)
Development Centre Training 15th Jun 9am to 5.30pm (for new COMPass assessors/coaches)
Development Centre Session Jul 27th &/or 28th (8.30am to 7pm)
Kick Off Afternoon of Sep 22nd (2pm to 6pm)
Coaching Sessions 4x1 Hour (Sep to Jan 2018) per Coachee
Close Out Report End Jan 2018
Mandatory Dates for Coaches
  • Face To Face 1 Hour Group Discussion with Winifred (for new COMPass coaches)
  • Development Centre Training for assessor/coaches new to COMPass Programme
  • Development Center
  • Executive Coaching Kick Off Session

For more information about CNPL and the programs please also have a look at the following link: http://icfsingapore.org/CallForCommunitySupport2016.pdf

To sign up for this project, please sign up here.

Please contact c4c@icfsingapore.org if you have any questions.


UPCOMING projects for Coaching for Community

If you are interested to support these projects, fill up this form and we will contact you once more details are firmed up.

Team C4C  
ICF Singapore


Please get in touch with us at c4c@icfsingapore.org or any of our C4C Team to see how you can make a difference today!