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"Building Your Coaching Presence by Navigating Emotions"
In Conversation and Movement with Sari Marsden, PCC.

"For many people, especially in the corporate world, moods and emotions, like the body, are simply dismissed as irrelevant and inconvenient. They cannot be commanded and controlled and, as such, they are often seen as "dangerous" or "messy". But moods and emotions are critical because they set the frame for what we see as possible in a situation. If you are full of resignation or resentment, then you will see far fewer possibilities than if you are feeling peaceful or enthusiastic." (FIT TO LEAD - Transforming Your Leadership With the Five Pillars of Performance, by Marcus & Sari Marsden)

Coaching presence requires coaches to be fully conscious and creating spontaneous relationships with clients, employing a style that is open, flexible and confident. 

There are many ways to build your coaching presence; one of those is by learning about emotions.

By learning to experience emotions as they are, free from judgement, it can help your clients to create clarity in their decision-making process.

Join Sari Marsden in this 90-minute learning event, with the following objectives:

  • Develop emotional mastery through the practice of “Emotion Naming.”
  • Discover how to navigate emotions with breathing and body movement that is applicable for you and your client. 

Wear a comfortable outfit and be ready to move your body purposefully in this session. 

At the end of the session, you will identify the physical states and practices that can best support you in your own wellness as a coach.

This talk is based on the Fit to Lead book.

“A leadership book that offers a dynamic new vision of leadership development that places the role of your physical body firmly alongside that of your thoughts and emotions. Written by husband-and-wife team, Marcus and Sari Marsden, the book combines the principles of executive coaching, movement, nutrition and fitness training to provide you with a holistic system for transforming your leadership and producing breakthrough results for yourself and the people you lead.”

Speaker's Bio:

Sari Marsden, PCC.
TRE™ Certified Facilitator. 
Nike Training Club Trainer.
Co-Author of Fit to Lead.

Sari is an executive coach, co-author of Fit to Lead and co-founder of Sarius Performance International, a performance consultancy that combines the worlds of personal development and executive coaching with the worlds of physical movement, fitness and nutrition. She specialises in working through the medium of the body to facilitate personal growth and development. Her passion for fitness has led her to become an elite trainer for Nike Training Club in South East Asia. Sari has won Gold Medals for Team Singapore in Southeast Asian fitness physique competitions. She uses a wide range of training techniques that combine the person’s physical, mental and emotional states. Her particular passion lies in working with women such that they embrace their strength and beauty to produce powerful and sustainable results in their lives.


Jasveer Malaney, PCC, is an internationally experienced Executive Leadership Coach, facilitator and trainer, she inspires senior leaders to elevate their strengths to develop strategies, discover solutions to challenges and realize their personal and organizational goals.

She currently serves on the ICF Singapore Chapter Executive Committee as the Immediate Past President and has been actively involved with building the Coaching Community in Asia. She has served as the Chapter President (2017-2018) President Elect, (2016-2017), Vice President (2012-2013), PR Chair (2011 -201 2). She played key organizing roles in the Asia Pacific Coaching Conference in 2010 and 2012. She organised the Symposium on “Coaching for Future” during the Coaching Week 2015. She has edited and published the Coaching Journal "Coaching Resource Guide".

This is a In-Person Session at the following location

Venue: 20 Collyer Quay, #23-01 Raffles Place, Singapore 049319
The nearest train station is Raffles Place.
Fees: S$10.00 
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Event Date [ 17-Oct-2018 ] @ 10:00 am
Event End Date [ 17-Oct-2018 ] @ 11:30 am
Individual Price S$10.00

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Topic: Mindfulness Meditation for Coaches

The Mindfulness COP will be facilitating a session to encourage coaches to take some quiet time to recharge, re-balance, and rejuvenate through mindfulness meditation. During this time, we will facilitate a selected guided active meditation technique, followed by a sharing session and some tea.

You will learn about:

  • The fundamentals of mindful meditation
  • Experience its impact on the mind
  • Some tips to begin to bring elements of this mindfulness to your coaching sessions

CCEU : 1.5 (core competencies - 0.5, resource development - 1)

 Please note that this event is for ICF Member only.

Registration: S$10.00

What to Wear

Anything loose / comfortable. We will be sitting on floor cushions or chairs, if preferred.

Speaker Bio:

Ranjan Raman, ACC (Co-Chair, Mindfulness COP)
As an experienced and certified mindfulness meditation facilitator, executive coach, performance consultant, and regional leader with some of the largest technology companies in the world, Ranjan facilitates a unique blend of “simple, effective, and practical” science-based meditation techniques that aim to recharge, re-balance, and rejuvenate for enhanced health and overall well-being. Ranjan is a certified active meditation facilitator, a certified performance consultant, certified Professional Co-Active coach (CPCC), and an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC). He is currently a regional leader at a global technology multinational, and is also the founder of Mindfulmeets.Com.

Facilitator Bio:

Suman Balani, PCC
Suman is an Executive Coach and Facilitator who creates developmental programs for individuals and organisations. She brings together a unique blend of coaching skills with a strong business-building background to empower individuals and teams to become highly engaged performing leaders, striving also to contribute to the community. Suman is trained in Jon Kabat Zin’s Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) techniques and is an ardent practitioner of yoga, mindfulness and healing modalities like Homeopathy, and where possible, integrates these modalities to enhance coaching outcomes for her clients. Suman has been serving on the Executive Committee of the International Coach Federation (Singapore Chapter) in various positions since 2014. She is currently the President Elect, driving initiatives to introduce coaching to the community and to raise the bar of professional coaching in Singapore.

Event Date [ 03-Oct-2018 ] @ 7:00 pm
Event End Date [ 03-Oct-2018 ] @ 8:30 pm
Individual Price S$10.00

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