Community of Practice

Life Coaching Communities of Practice (CP) is hosted by Ruchi and Anupama

Ruchi Parekh is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) certified by the International Coach Federation focusing on Life Coaching for Executives with Leadership Development. She is also an Accredited Belbin Facilitator. Belbin Team Roles are used to identify behavioural strengths and weaknesses in the workplace. Whether developing people, resolving conflict or fine-tuning high performance. Ruchi is a lawyer by profession having practiced law in India and in Hong Kong. While she enjoyed law, she had a deep sense to do something more meaningful, helping people more directly and driving towards their passion.

 Anupama Murali is an ICF Associate Certified Coach. She brings a rich experience of over 15 years in the corporate world, coupled with an equal number of years in voluntary work allowed her to steer her own life in a way that is consistent with her values. She partners with her clients to Elevate their Impact by empowering them to develop the 'Achieve with Equilibrium’ mindset. A mindset that empowers transition from Clutter to Clarity, Self-Doubt to Self-Belief, Being Stuck to Seeing Possibilities and much more. She believes that this mindset helps people from a reactive life to intentional living which then enables them to be their Best Version professionally and personally. Her clients see her coaching style as gentle and deeply transformative. She is also a Mind Management and Breath-based Meditation teacher for adults and youth who has taught over 100 programs in Singapore. Anupama is a passionate musician who performs Indian music in Singapore and a mother of an assertive 10 yr old girl.

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Singapore Youth Coaching Communities of Practice (CP) 

The coaching profession today continues to build and establish its applications in different domains of our society today. Coaching as a practice with youths today is definitely one of those domains where many professional coaches operate both professionally or through various volunteer space. So as coaches continue to serve in this space, impacting the lives of all these young people, how can we as a coaching profession come together to learn, grow and innovate together so as to meet the growing demands of our young people? How can coaches today continue to strive towards improving and increasing their area of expertise and knowledge so as to create a definite impact in our leaders of tomorrow? It’s not an easy task to challenge to overcome but we certainly hope to tackle some of it through the Youth Coaching CoP Sessions.

Objectives of this CP: 3 C’s

  • C - Collaborate with each other – Providing an avenue where coaches can come together to leverage and synergize on each other’s strengths
  • C – Community building – Rallying and supporting this group of coaches doing this work
  • C – Commitment to grow – Setting benchmarks of professional standards and conduct as we work with young people

SINGAPORE YOUTH COACHING is hosted by Joe Chan and Parul Singhai

A youth work practitioner for the past 15 years at REACH Community Services Society (RCSS), specializing in working with children and youths in the community. Joe enjoys the challenges and thrills of this work starting as a case worker himself overseeing individuals, families and programmes till today where he is heading REACH Youth Service of RCSS in a few locations. With his dedication to coach his team of social workers, counsellors and youth workers, the team reaches out to over 800 youths every month all over Singapore through its holistic services and programmes


 Parul is a Solution Focused Coach with a specific interest in working with Gen Z youth. The experience of growing alongside her own third-culture young adult sons and their peers has given her a unique perspective. She hopes to complement Joe in making the Youth CoP stronger. In her 23 years in Singapore, she has worked as a full-time mother, a volunteer at the ACM and National Gallery, and as an editor for a literary agency. Meanwhile, she is an active member of the South Central Community Centre working at the grassroots level to support the community. As an avid student of the Vedantic Philosophy and Yoga for years, Parul brings a deep mindfulness element to her coaching. Her motto is, ‘When there is harmony between the mind, heart and resolution, then nothing is impossible’ - Rig Veda

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Event Date [ 07-Oct-2021 ] @ 7:00 pm
Event End Date [ 07-Oct-2021 ] @ 8:30 pm
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Cut off date [ 06-Oct-2021 ] @ 8:00 pm
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The Internal Coaching Community of Practice is hosted by Hermann

Hermann is a CSA accredited Coaching Supervisor who has been an Executive and Leadership Coach for over 20 years. He has served on the Singapore ICF Chapter’s Executive Committee for 7 years, having been President in 2016-2017. 

His current interest in Internal Coaching was stimulated by a research project he co-led with the Center of Creative Leadership (CCL) looking at the infrastructure needed to support organizational coaching programs. 

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Event Date [ 28-Sep-2021 ] @ 7:00 pm
Event End Date [ 28-Sep-2021 ] @ 8:30 pm
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Cut off date [ 27-Sep-2021 ] @ 8:00 pm
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COMMUNITIES OF PRACTICE - Health and Wellness Coaching (CP)

Health affects everyone indirectly or directly. But sometimes a serious illness can come unexpectedly, changing the world of our clients and their outlook on life instantaneously, and making even the smallest of tasks seem like massive obstacles. 

Integrating into coaching – how they can overcome the challenges that arise out of health condition(s) – we can help them find their new normal and move them forward to function and perform optimally, both at work and in their personal lives. 

Focus of this CP: 

• Create your Health Recovery coaching model, structure, and powerful questions.

• Understand best practices, sensitizing oneself, and tools that can be used to coach recovery warriors. 

• Create an understanding if mindfulness is beneficial and how it can be incorporated in the practice.

The Coaching for Health Recovery and Performance Community of Practice is hosted by PreetiKurani 

PreetiKurani is a Transformative High-Performance Coach who works with businesses, leaders, and individuals to help transform perspectives for elevating impact at work and in their personal lives. She combines focus, intuition, creativity, and open communication to help people move forward and achieve their goals while staying congruent with their values.

Preeti comes with 20 years’ experience in business, sales, and people development within the luxury industry and working with different cultures and countries. She is Certified in Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholders Centred Coaching Program for Leaders and Teams, and a Professional Co-Active Coach. She also runs workshops in different areas related to performance thinking, self-management, and professional skill-building.


Tricia is a certified professional coach, with a niche in supporting women with Cancer. Her keen listening skills & non-judgmental approach provides a safe space for her clients to explore their fullest potential. Tricia guides clients through a journey of self-discovery; fresh perspectives; renew optimism; and to build on each individual’s innate wisdom, in spite of their health and emotional challenges. Tricia believes that reassessment & personal growth should be lifelong. She has been featured by Straits Times, radio station, magazines and invited to speak at health awareness events for her work in the cancer community.

Combined with her professional credentials & passion to serve,  Tricia continues to contribute her time, effort, skills and compassion with volunteer organizations such as Breast Cancer Foundation, National University Hospital, SPARKS ( ADHD support group), A New Vision ( Funding Cataract surgeries), HCA Hospice Care to creating a positive community impact

Event Date [ 27-Sep-2021 ] @ 12:00 pm
Event End Date [ 27-Sep-2021 ] @ 1:30 pm
Cut off date [ 26-Sep-2021 ] @ 4:00 pm
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Professional coaching is constantly evolving in methodology, application and research.  Recognizing the importance to all coaches to are creating a platform to discuss a new modality, a new book or article or even review how I am showing up as a Coach?

This group is open to all coaches, you may be new, seasoned, or aspiring to be a coach, you are either credentialled or on the path to credentialing.  We get together once a month to deepen our knowledge and learning as a way to provide support for those who are navigating their way in the world of coaching.

Focus of this CoP: 

  • What kind of coach do I want to be?
  • What it takes to get your Credentials (for ACC/PCC/MCC)
  • How to grow beyond ACC/PCC/MCC
  • How to know and define my Coaching Niche.
  • Various type of Coaching in the Industry – and what it means to be an Executive Coach, or Life Coach, Health Coach.
  • Individual vs. Team Coaching vs Group Coaching
  • Network Places, Must Read Books / Articles
  • Coaching offering and Pricing in the industry
  • How can I get Coaching hours from Pro-Bono vs Paid vs. volunteer coaching

The Resources Community of Practice is hosted by JassMalaney

JassJass Malaney, PCC, is an Executive Leadership Coach, Team Coach, Mentor Coach, Facilitator, Keynote speaker & Author.  Prior to becoming a Coach, she held senior leadership roles including working as a Diplomat at the United Nations The World Bank.

She is passionate about Coaching and has been actively involved to engage and build the coaching communities globally in the following roles: 

Global Ambassador for the ICF Foundation 2020
President ICF Singapore Chapter (2017-2018) 
Executive Board Member, Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches (APAC) 2019
Sponsorship Chair Asia Pacific Coaching Conference in 2010 and 2012. 
Chair,  Symposium on “Coaching for Future” Coaching Week 2015
Editor, Coaching Journal "Coaching Resource Guide" 2012

Event Date [ 24-Sep-2021 ] @ 12:30 pm
Event End Date [ 24-Sep-2021 ] @ 2:00 pm
Registration Start Date [ 30-Aug-2021 ] @ 12:00 am
Cut off date [ 23-Sep-2021 ] @ 6:00 pm
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