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COP: Life Coaching – A Brief on Ontological Coaching to help Coaches better their coaching skills

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Topic: Ontological Coaching and a brief about the two models –Part three.

This session will be a brief recap of part one and two where we discussed Ontological Coaching which is based on an exploration of the clients’ interpretations of the world and their way of being. By its very nature, this approach to coaching is a philosophical one and supports coachees in a reflection of who they are, rather than simply setting goals and achieving them.

Another aspect of ontological coaching is the emphasis on the transpersonal element: we are not individuals growing up in isolation, but are shaped, as we will see, by the world we are immersed in. Ontological coaches, take a systemic perspective and claim that an individual cannot be effectively coached without some understanding of the world and the systems which the coachee inhabits in.
We will then continue the learning of Ontological Coaching and the two models which are:

  • OAR Model and the
  • BEL Model

The focus of this session will be on the topic of "Moods" with regards to Ontological Coaching. 

Ruchi is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with a focus on interpersonal relations and life coaching. Her main objective is to help her clients move forward in life, find fulfillment, success and happiness. Guiding individuals through a transition is part of this process, making them feel empowered and accomplished. Ruchi is also a professionally trainer lawyer who has practiced in India and Hong Kong.


Sarita is an HR professional and an Associate certified coach (ACC). She has a successful career spanning 17 years within the Human Resources and coaching sectors.

Sarita specializes in working with clients to have them understand and realize their true self and work towards achieving their fullest potential. She is passionate about transformation through awareness. She supports individuals and teams by guiding them to their own inner wisdom, purpose and power for skillful action to achieve results they want.

Sarita started her coaching journey in 2009-10 with Executive Coaching and then went on to pursue life coaching in 2012-13. She further completed Ontological coach education in 2016-17. Sarita is committed to ongoing lifelong learning, to deepen and advance her own coaching practice, and to bring the best value to her clients. Witnessing individuals and teams elicit their highest potential is her greatest reward!

Prior to her own coaching practice since 2012, Sarita has 12 years of HR business partnering experience with multi national organizations within the service industry in Asia.  

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