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10 Top Tips for How to Use LinkedIn (and some for what not to do)


Learn from an Official LinkedIn Power Profile on how to use LinkedIn for any business purpose.

• How to enhance your personal brand on LinkedIn
• How to get headhunted
• How to blog and become a thought leader on LinkedIn
• How to enhance your employer branding and employee engagement on LinkedIn
• How to create a content marketing plan on LinkedIn
• How to message to find investors/clients/partners/employees on LinkedIn
• How to achieve anything you wish on LinkedIn in a business context

Facilitator Bio :


Chris is the Founder & Global CEO of Black Marketing which is a global marketing consultancy that specialises in enabling LinkedIn for C-suite executives & Entrepreneurs across the world. He has taken the company from 1 person in 1 country in 2014 to a full listing on the NASDAQ in 2016. Chris has been named as an Official LinkedIn Power Profile 20122016, has one of the world's most viewed LinkedIn profiles with 70,000 followers, hundreds of recommendations, is one of the Top 100 most influential LinkedIn Bloggers and is the No. 1 International Bestselling Author with his book "LinkedIn Mastery for Entrepreneurs".

Chris has also been awarded "Asia's Most Influential Digital Media Professional" by CMO Asia and The British Chamber of Commerce Singapore Small Business Rising Star 2015.

Event Date [ 12-Apr-2017 ] @ 8:00 pm
Event End Date [ 12-Apr-2017 ] @ 9:00 pm
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International Coach Federation, Singapore Chapter Annual General Meeting

The International Coach Federation, Singapore Chapter will hold its’ Annual General Meeting on Thursday, March 30th, 2016 at 6:30pm at The Hub Singapore, 128 Prinsep Street #01-01, Singapore 188655

The 2017-2018 Executive Committee will be announced at the AGM.

Online voting will start at 0000 hours 9th March 2017 and close at 0000 hours 30th March 2017. Invitations via email will be sent individually to all members. For those unable to vote online, a hard copy ballot is available on 30th March 2017, at the start of the AGM from 6.30-7pm. Ballot will officially close at 7pm 30th March 2017.

Kindly note that each ICF Singapore Member is only allowed to vote once. If an online vote has been submitted, a hard copy ballot will not be provided.

Details of the candidates are available on the ICF Singapore Chapter website homepage,

Celebrate & Initiate:

This is our annual member celebration! It is a chance to review all that we've done as a chapter this year, explore upcoming initiatives, get involved in new projects, welcome feedback, thank the current ExCo, and welcome in new chapter leaders.  

Formal AGM Agenda:

This is also an official event as ICF Singapore Chapter is a registered society in Singapore.

  • Opening of the Meeting
  • President's Report
  • Approval of Audited Financial Statements
  • Overview and Voting on Constitution Changes
  • Election of Executive Committee Office-bearers and Council Members
  • Election of Honorary Auditors
  • New Business
  • Closing of Meeting

If you have any questions you would like the Exco to address or some general comments you would like to submit before the event, please send them to us at

The AGM is exclusive to current ICF Members ONLY and is free of charge.

Event Date [ 30-Mar-2017 ] @ 6:30 pm
Event End Date [ 30-Mar-2017 ] @ 9:30 pm
Individual Price Free

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Every year for the past 3 we have been doing an annual review of the coaching literature to get a glimpse of where the profession is heading. In 2016 there were 460 coaching articles written in peer-reviewed coaching journals and 110 Dissertations on coaching produced by students pursuing a Ph.D that had the words ‘Coaching’ or ‘Coach’ in the title. Most of these deal with sports, health, or education. Only about 25% of the articles and 15% of the dissertations deal with organizational or life coaching. You probably didn’t have the time to read all these articles and dissertations.....but we did (or at least the 60% that in interested us the most). By reading the articles published each year you can get an idea of where the profession is heading, what’s ‘hot’ and what’s ‘not’, and what some of the key research findings were for that year. If this interests you please join us for an evening of very valuable information about our profession. Those who attend will be given access to an annotated bibliography of the 60 articles and the 10 dissertations that we read.

Facilitator Bio:

Hermann Ditzig

Hermann is the current President of the Singapore Chapter and founder of the Research Committee. He has graduate education in Medical Sociology, Clinical and Social Psychology, Organizational Design, Organizational Development, and Leadership. He started his career as a psychiatric epidemiologist doing research on what made people crazy. A five year research project for the US government on how work influences a person’s well-being showed the impact that leadership has, and that bad bosses can actually ‘drive you crazy’. In addition to being a researcher, he was a psychotherapist and university level educator in Medical and Business Schools. Since moving to Singapore (1984), Hermann has worked as an OD and HRD professional for the National Productivity Board, the Singapore Institute of Management, and as a partner in a British consulting firm leading their Management Development practice in Asia. He has been an Executive and Leadership coach for 16 years and started his own Coaching and Leadership firm in 2003.

Costantino Gonnella

Costa was one of the first exchange students from Italy at Beijing University in the late 70s where he researched for two years before returing home to receive a Master with summa cum laude in Chinese literature and history from the Oriental Insitute (IUO) of Naples. His understanding of Chinese culture provided a great advantage when soon after he went back to China to become a businessman and local representative of Fiat, the largesst Italian private conglomerate. Years later he started his own company pioneering many new trades and assisting diverse business initiatives between China and Europe. Fluent in four languages and getting by in two or three more, in the last 30 plus years he lived in Beijing, Hong Kong, Macao, Thailand and Singapore. His humanistic interests never succumbed to a "business only" attitude and found him with an open mind when in recent years he discovered coaching. Now an ACC, with an incessant passion for learning, he believes that his experience with many business realities and a perspective from different cultural approaches can allow him to offer a valuable contribution as a corporate and life coach.

Gopal Kaushik

Kaushik looks after the coaching practice for the Center for Creative Leadership in Asia Pacific (South East Asia, South Asia and Australia). He is responsible for the ‘internal’ certification, quality and development of all coaches (for all CCL programs including Leadership at the Peak). In addition he is responsible for the three specific services to clients in support of leadership development: executive coaching, 360 assessments and follow on coaching support. He is also the regional lead for CCL’s open enrolment Assessment Certification Workshop (CCL’s suit of 360 tools) and the Coaching for Greater effectiveness programs.

Event Date [ 27-Feb-2017 ] @ 8:00 pm
Event End Date [ 27-Feb-2017 ] @ 9:30 pm
Registration Start Date [ 27-Jan-2017 ] @ 12:00 am
Cut off date [ 27-Feb-2017 ] @ 9:30 pm
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We live in ever more globalized working environments. The evolution of International Relations increasingly affect us, citizens, companies, organizations and, of course, countries.

The fast pace of globalization has impacted many and we are facing a backlash in the form of various types of protectionist movements in the world (from Brexit, the new Trump Administration to nationalism in EU Member States to cite some examples). Is protectionism really the solution? Are there any alternatives? Can Coaching be of any help to better manage globalization and its implications?

Facilitator Bio:

Pilar Mendez

Pilar Méndez transformed her passion for learning foreign languages and cultures in her profession: after graduating as a lawyer by ICADE University Pontificia de Comillas (Madrid) in 2000 she became a Career Diplomat of the Foreign Service of Spain and later on Expert in Executive Coaching by the Business School of the University of Deusto. She is co-author of the motivational book “From.

Affection to Zee: The hand guide for a journey to your wellbeing” (2014). After her early travels throughout Western and Eastern Europe, as a diplomat she jumped further into other ways of interpreting the world which countries as diverse as Haiti, Japan, the US or now Singapore have offered her. With 17 years of working experience in international environments and managing international teams, she acquired high exposure to globalisation from it very early days. She will talk to us about how through her professional path she has come to believe that Coaching and, more specifically, Diplomacy Coaching, the intersection area where International Relations meet Coaching, could play an important role in managing globalisation and its current implications in the world. Join us for an evening of international personal experiences where Coaching tools made the difference for leading international teams or solving international crisis.

Event Date [ 23-Jan-2017 ] @ 8:00 pm
Event End Date [ 23-Jan-2017 ] @ 9:30 pm
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What Does It Take to Become Masterful at Coaching?... A World Cafe Conversation


Join Terrie Lupberger, MCC and participate in the innovative 'World Cafe" format to explore what is required of us, as coaches, to achieve mastery. What is 'mastery'? How does it manifest in the work we do as coaches?

With the ICF core competencies of coaching, the new markers, and our Code of Ethics, we have the building blocks for good, PCC level coaching. Beyond that, what is required of us, individually and as a community, to become masterful at what we do?

About Terrie Lupberger, MCC:

Terrie Lupberger

Terrie is a Master Certified Coach, Author, and senior Executive Coach. She has been coaching and contributing to the development of the coaching profession since 1995. For nine years she served as CEO of an international, coach training and leadership development organization. She is a former Board Member of the International Coach Federation and The Association of Coach Training Organizations, and has been a member of the ICF Credentialing Committee since 2002. She presently is the Director of Training for Newfield Asia and teaches executive coaching and leadership at the University of Miami, ITS in London, and Newfield Asia in Singapore. 

Terrie is a contributing author to two books on coaching, A Coach’s Guide to Emotional Intelligence and The Handbook of Knowledge-Based Coaching. She is presently completing a book for coaches on how to develop practices for clients that will help them break through their perceived limitations and make change stick.

Earlier in her career, Terrie was a senior manager in finance and a partner in a consulting firm working with IT professionals. Terrie’s varied organizational experience combined with her studies in human potential and philosophy have resulted in a unique world view and approach to working with clients that help them have greater impact and influence. Her international coaching clients are senior level managers and leaders in various industries including health care, education, finance, advertising, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, technology and manufacturing.

Event Date [ 05-Dec-2016 ] @ 8:00 pm
Event End Date [ 05-Dec-2016 ] @ 9:30 pm
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Speaker Bio:


Raymond Thomas is a speaker,consultant, and facilitator specializing in leadership development for middle to senior management.Heis also the founder and director of The Leadership Paradigm and has been running his consultancy practise since 2008. 

Raymond has almost 30 years’ experience in leadership roles with large multinational corporations, specializing in Leadership Management and Sales, Marketing and Operations. He has engaged and inspired change elements, especially in the area of leadership communication, sales and marketing, innovation and process management. Being a process oriented individual, he coaches’ leaders to characterizes, review, optimize and fine-tune systems to the needs of the stakeholders.

Raymond currently works with the banking, healthcare, manufacturing and service industries, where he coaches leaders to formulate and revise leadership frameworks, identify development needs based on competency gaps and coach high potential talents for succession planning.

Raymond has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (State University of New York at Buffalo, USA) & a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia). He is also ACTA certified, DiSC Certified Behavioural & Career Consultant (Institute of Motivational Living) and certified in conducting Watson Glaser II Critical Thinking Skills. He is also certified in Emergenetics (Thinking and Behavioural preferences) and C-Vat Types profiling.

Raymond is a Professional Speaker with the Association for Professional Speakers Singapore where he served as the President in 2014-2015. Raymond is also an adjunct lecturer at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Singapore Institute of Management (SIM).  In addition, he was a recipient of the Teaching Merit Award from SIM in 2014.

Cognitive Effectiveness and Coaching

Cognitive effectiveness clarifies goals, examines assumptions, discerns hidden values, evaluates evidences, accomplishes actions, and assesses conclusions. More than ever, we must be able to clearly reason through problems and to present arguments in a logical, compelling way or even to reasonably challenge “standard operating procedure” or workflow processes. As adaptability, flexibility and resilience become an emerging skill for success in the modern business world, cognitive effectiveness becomes even more important for leadership and coaching. Managing our mindsets within dynamic conditions and learning to adapt as outside influences continue to transform seemingly static situations into complex environments.

In this session Raymond Thomas will step you through.

1) Components and key structure of cognitive effectiveness.

2) Cognitive and reasoning model.

3) Applying cognitive effectiveness in coaching.

Event Date [ 21-Nov-2016 ] @ 8:00 pm
Event End Date [ 21-Nov-2016 ] @ 9:30 pm
Registration Start Date [ 03-Nov-2016 ] @ 12:00 am
Cut off date [ 21-Nov-2016 ] @ 12:00 am
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Want to Earn an ICF Credential?

  • Find out ways to Renew your Credentials
  • CCEU will be provided for your attendance.

The ICF Credential signifies a coach’s commitment to outstanding professional practice. In this workshop, Jasveer, President Elect and Chair, Membership would share with you the requirements and procedures for becoming an ICF Credentialed coach, and renew your credentials.  She will also share how to maximize the benefits of your ICF membership.


Jasveer Malaney, PCC,  is an executive coach with over 18 years of experience in coaching & facilitating for hi-potential leaders and teams.  She leverages her corporate & business experience with The World Bank, Scotts Holding Group and Kelly Services to enhance​ their leadership capabilities.  

She currently serves on the Exco as the President Elect, & Chair, Membership and has been actively involved with building the Coaching Community.  She has served as Vice President (2012-2013), PR Chair (2011​-201​2).  She played key organizing roles in the Asia Pacific Coaching Conference in 2010 and 2012.  She organised the Symposium on “Coaching for Future” during the Coaching Week 2015.

Event Date [ 11-Nov-2016 ] @ 10:00 am
Event End Date [ 11-Nov-2016 ] @ 12:00 pm
Individual Price S$10.00

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