7 November 2018, 12pm - 1.30pm
Coaching in Three Dimensions

Traditional approaches to coaching fail to account for the way organisations really work. Attempts to enhance leadership capability one person at a time, through private one-to-one coaching sessions, are unlikely to succeed by themselves. In this session Dr Paul Lawrence will outline a more connected, systemic approach, aligning coaching with the realities and challenges of organisations operating in an ever more complex world. The session will be practical and pragmatic, sharing some spec
f ic tools and approaches coaches can adopt immediately into their practice.

Learning Outcome: 

  1. Specific tools and approaches, consistent with a systemic approach to coaching
  2. An understanding of dialogue, and what a dialogic approach to coaching looks like
  3. New and practical on-going professional development

About the speaker:

Paul LawrencePaul Lawrence

Paul has more than 20 years experience in corporate. He worked for a multinational energy company for 14 years where he performed roles in marketing, operations, finance and strategy, culminating in the role of GM for a Tokyo-based retail business in the energy industry. During his time working for BP, the company more than doubled in size, engaging in multiple joint venture and acquisitions. This period of sweeping change, grounded Paul in change management, and formed his approach to helping leaders navigate the challenges of working in a complex and ambiguous environment.

Paul has been coaching leaders across different functions and industries since 2007 and has over 3,000 hours of coaching experience, working with individuals, groups and teams. He has coached in some of the biggest organisations in the world, ASX100 companies, smaller business, not-for-profits, health, education and government. Paul is also a qualified coach supervisor, trained at Oxford Brookes University. Paul specialises in the design and implementation of coaching skills programs, built according to contemporary change management theory.

Paul teaches coaching on the Masters of Business Coaching program at Sydney Business School (University of Wollongong). His first book, Leading Change: How successful leaders approach change management was published by Kogan Page in 2014, and his second book, Coaching in Three Dimensions, was published by Routledge in August 2018.

Paul has four children and in his spare time writes rather gory historical fiction.

Event Date [ 07-Nov-2018 ] @ 12:00 pm
Event End Date [ 07-Nov-2018 ] @ 1:30 pm
Cut off date [ 07-Nov-2018 ] @ 11:55 pm
Individual Price S$10.00

Topic: Why and how coaching enables success at the world's most admired companies

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Our fast and furious VUCA world invalidated leadership as we knew it in the past decades. To gain further competitiveness and agility, organizations now crucially need to embed in their leaders the beliefs and behaviours that will change the game in their business and enhance engagement, creativity, accountability and collaboration among all stakeholders. Along his thought-provoking and experiential session, Jean-Francois Cousin will draw from his experience as a global coach and former executive as well as from recent corporate surveys and ICF latest research, to demonstrate why and how coaching sustains the success of the world's most admired companies, and how coaches can up their game to serve at their best. He will

  • illustrate which kind leadership organizations need to thrive in a VUCA world
  • how masterful coaching enables it
  • what the game-changing ripple-effects of coaching in organizations are
  • which results companies who truly embedded a coaching culture are getting
  • how we need to ‘be’ as coaches and leaders to enhance engagement, creativity, accountability, agility and collaboration with all stakeholders.

Learning Outcome: 

  1. How masterful coaching enables the kind leadership organizations need to thrive in a VUCA world
  2. how masterful coaching enables it
  3. The game-changing ripple-effects of coaching in organizations
  4. Which results companies who truly embedded a coaching culture are getting
  5. How we need to ‘be’ as coaches and leaders to enhance engagement, creativity, accountability, agility and collaboration with all stakeholders

CCEU - 1.5 (Core Competencies 0.75, Resource Development 0.75)

About the speaker:

Jean-François Cousin, MCC

He is a global executive coach and speaker since 2006 and previously served in senior leadership positions in Europe and Asia for a multinational company ( www.greatness.coach/speaking/ ).

He has coached over 800 executives and works with many of the world's most admired global companies. Jean-François is passionate about how leaders and companies can evolve their game to succeed in a business environment marked by increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. He co-authored two books and wrote ‘Game Changers at the Circus’ about unleashing greatness in organizations in a VUCA world.

Jean-François is serving as Treasurer and Secretary of the ICF Global Board of Directors in 2018.

Event Date [ 26-Sep-2018 ] @ 8:00 pm
Cut off date [ 25-Sep-2018 ] @ 11:55 pm
Individual Price S$10.00

7:30pm to 9:30pm 
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CCEUs: 1.5 (core competencies - 0.75, resource development - 0.75)

Have you ever realised that no matter how many skills and how much knowledge we acquire as coaches, unless something shifts from within, nothing really changes permanently? What exactly is it that needs to shift from within to allow us to become excellent coaches? This session creates an inner awareness of the aspects of our being, with a special focus on optimising our energy and managing our minds

During this experiential session, Atika will offer us the opportunity to understand the importance and the power of the breath in mastering our minds, and to create a strong coaching presence which is a fundamental pre-requisite for a good coaching conversation. We will also co-create ideas for impactful practices and daily rituals that can lead us forward in the journey of mastering our mind, in service of creating positive transformation for our coaching clients.

This is an inaugural session, coming from the unique lens of a non-coach practitioner, that will help us as coaches to leverage our inner resources and learn useful tips to enhance coaching outcomes.

Learning Outcome: 

  1. Learn ways to optimise our Energy
  2. Understand the importance of Breath to Master our Mind
  3. Tips for Daily Practices that can enhance our overall Presence for Coaching Excellence


About the speaker:

Atika DhandhiaAtika Dhandhia,
International Faculty, Art of Living Foundation, and Image & Wellness Consultant

Atika serves as an international faculty member and Director Training for the Art of Living Foundation, one of the biggest NGO’s focused on humanitarian work spanning more 155 countries. In her work with them, Atika has transformed the lives of tens of thousands of people all over the world through mindfulness and wellness techniques. She has taught and trained in more than 50+ countries. She also works with individuals to equip them with a holistic approach to manage their overall image for both their personal and professional success. Atika is a Board Member of the Image Management Professional Association, India (IMPA) since 2012. She also serves as a Board Member of the Ministry of Ayush (Health and Wellness), Government of India, driving initiatives to promote wellness across India. Atika is based in Delhi and works across India, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Event Date [ 05-Sep-2018 ] @ 7:30 pm
Event End Date [ 05-Sep-2018 ] @ 9:30 pm
Cut off date [ 04-Sep-2018 ] @ 11:55 pm
Individual Price S$10.00

Topic: Mastery Monday - Exciting Workshop on ICF's "PCC Markers"
Individual Price: $35 (for non-members)
ICF Singapore Members: $25
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Only open to ICF coaches and members

Venue: Froth Cafe,  2 Finlayson Green Level 2

The 'PCC Markers' as assessment markers are the indicators that an assessor is trained to listen for to determine which ICF Core Competencies are in evidence in a recorded coaching conversation, and to what extent. While the markers are the behaviors that should be exhibited in a coaching conversation at the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level, it is useful for ACCs and MCCs to get familiar with these Markers, as the Markers are the foundation for assessment at all 3 levels.

In this  90 minute workshop, you will experience

  • an introduction to the PCC markers
  • a real, LIVE Coaching session delivered by a PCC 
  • group discussion and debrief of the Markers in action

This webinar is for

  • Aspiring PCCs
  • Aspiring MCCs
  • Newly minted ACCs who are keen to progress to their next level

This workshop is only open to ICF members and ICF coaches (alumni of ACSTH/ACTPs and practitioners of ICF's Core Competencies). This is to ensure quality discussions of the Core Competencies. You will be invited to actively observe, discuss and learn, so bring your most curious and open learner self. 

To facilitate a safe coaching space, this workshop is only limited to 15 seats. Reserve now to avoid disappointment. 

Kindly ensure attendance to avoid someone else missing this opportunity. 

If you have further questions about this event, or would like to submit a query you'd like addressed in the workshop, please email membership@icfsingapore.org.

About the Speaker:

Lin Tan has over 14 years experience in Coaching and is 1 of 7 Master Certified Coaches in Singapore. Coaching since 2004 and certified with the International Coach Federation since 2006, she brings over 4,000 hours of coaching experience into her work with organization and individuals.  

As a registered mentor coach with the ICF, Lin has trained and mentored since 2006 close to 300 Coaches from all over the world in coaching skill sets, and helped over 60 of them achieve their professional certifications. She spearheaded one of the very first ACTPs established in Singapore back in 2010, and is currently the Director of Training of a regional school that offers Coach certification courses (ACSTH) in Singapore and China. She is a finalist of the ICF Young Leader's Award 2018 in recognition of her contributions to the Coaching scene. 

Lin is a member of the ICF Singapore Chapter Executive Committee and leads the Credentialing initiatives to support Singapore Coaches in achieving their professional certifications. She is currently undergoing intensive assessor training on the ICF PCC Markers.

Event Date [ 03-Sep-2018 ] @ 7:00 pm
Event End Date [ 03-Oct-2018 ] @ 9:00 pm
Individual Price S$35.00