ICW2019 Webinar: High Ticket Closing Through Deep Coaching

International Coaching Week 2019

Webinar : High Ticket Closing Through Deep Coaching

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Struggling to close high ticket coaching contracts? How to increase your coaching prices? Many coaches want to help make a difference in others lives but they struggle with selling their coaching packages and asking for the sale. What if you could learn a methodology that keep you from sounding salesy and allows you to create high paying clients for a prosperous coaching practice? High Ticket Closing is about how you can charge clients at the rate you want with great value and quality. In this session, you will learn how to create high ticket closing through deep coaching. The secret that many coaches have is their power in coaching conversation. Learn how to leverage on your coaching skills to close your next client. Closing a Client for your coaching practice has never been easier through the deep coaching approach in client creation. Begin a successful coaching practice today!

3 Key Learning Takeaways

  • Coaches will learn how to use coaching to create clients
  • Coaches will learn the secret to high ticket closing
  • Coaches will learn how to apply deep coaching for high ticket closing their coaching practice.

 About Speaker


C-Suite Executive and Team Leadership Coach

Jedidiah is a highly sought-after High Ticket Closing Coach. He has worked with coaches from 5 Continents to improve their coaching practice through the power if deep coaching. He believes that coaching is the key to creating positive and impactful change in people. Having coached clients from around the world, he found that coaching was a key enabler in driving peak performance and creating results. Being a mentor coach to coaches around the world, he constantly seeks to improve his coaching practice and founded Coaching Changes Lives to help connect coaches and empower people. 

He developed the C.O.A.C.H coaching framework build upon the core competencies of coaching to empower coaches with coaching strategies to create breakthroughs for their clients. His coaching process focuses on helping clients gain deeper awareness and clarity, create solutioning, establish progress and accountability, and generate the results the client desires. His experience in both the public and private sector has helped him impact clients across various industries.

Today, Coaches work closely with Jedi to create a thriving and prosperous coaching practice.

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Event Date [ 30-Apr-2019 ] @ 12:00 pm
Event End Date [ 30-Apr-2019 ] @ 1:00 pm
Cut off date [ 27-Apr-2019 ] @ 11:55 pm
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