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CoP/Life Coaching



Topic: COP/ Life Coaching  ( For ICF Members Only )

We will be offering 4 sessions in 2017 for life coaches to help them boost their presence and skills by using and creating powerful coaching tools.

The focus of this COP will be to:

  • Create your Life Coaching model : a unique representation on how you view coaching and support clients.
  • Create your life coaching powerful questions and structure.
  • What are the assessment tools and theories that can be used in a life coaching session?
  • How to move the coaching conversation to a deeper level using creativity, neuroscience and mindfulness to impact the lives of your clients and move them forward.


“Really appreciate the committed facilitators for their efforts and knowledgeable sharing! With the participation of other coaches, the Life Coaching COP is a great place for discussing best practices and learning on life coaching” Charles Chee

“Thank you so much Ruchi and Nawal, for sharing your precious time and insights so selflessly! Appreciate your thought and efforts structuring content and seamlessly highlighting/reminding ICF principles. The session was facilitated very well, supporting all to learn from each other's experiences. Key takeaways were shared clearly and simply -- useful reminders we can immediately apply during sessions with clients. Thanks all for your engaged participation. Charged up!! Thank you for having this COP, ICF SG!” Skye Yeo

“It has been a very enriching and engaging journey with Nawal and Richie. I learnt a lot from the sharing of experience and discussions on the various concepts. Both of you have done a wonderful job, structuring the session and preparing very useful resources. Thumbs up to both of you and also very participative attendees ! Hope we get to meet monthly and continue our learning journey.” Jane Cha

“Dear Nawal and Ruch, it was a real pleasure to attend your session yesterday. I loved the format including a structured presentation, your personal inputs and some valuable exchange of experiences. It was friendly yet very helpful. For those who missed it, I highly recommend those sessions. Thanks again to you both” Florence Heliard

Facilitator Bio:


Nawal is a Personal Development Coach, PCC, NLP and mindfulness Practitioner specialised in life and Career transitions. She combines intuition, creativity and honest communication to help people unleash their potential, move forward and achieve their goals while staying congruent with their values.

Nawal has 20 years experience in marketing, brand management, communication and HR strategy in different fields, cultures and countries. She holds a Master Degree in Human Resources, she is MBTI Certified. Certified in Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholders Centred Coaching Program and holds a Globsmart Profile© certification. She is a founder of UTP Coaching Solutions. She runs coaching workshops in different topics related to expatriation, cross-cultural awareness, positive thinking and self-management. She also conducts talks at conferences about behavioural change.


Ruchi is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with a focus on interpersonal relations and life coaching. Her main objective is to help her clients move forward in life, find fulfilment, success and happiness. Guiding individuals through a transition is part of this process, making them feel empowered and accomplished. Ruchi is also a professionally trained lawyer who has practised in India and Hong Kong.


COP Mindfulness


Topic: COP/ Mindfulness in Coaching ( For ICF Members Only )

The focus of this COP will be to:

    • Deepen our own mindfulness, awareness and presence as coaches
    • Enhance our knowledge and understanding of how mindfulness applies in specific client coaching situations
    • Practice different mindful techniques together
    • Broaden our range of mindful interventions to offer clients
    • Cultivating a network and friendships with other coaches

You are welcome to register and join all of them or some of them. The session will be facilitated by Jane Grafton and all are invited to share.

 Facilitator Bio:


Jane Grafton, ACC specializes in Corporate Based Mindfulness Training and Coaching. She has worked with workplace mindfulness since 2003.Jane’s background is in project management, training and development, HR Management and Leadership. 

She completed Coach Certification Training at both Georgetown University, Washington DC and Results Coaching Singapore. She holds an MBA, a Certificate in Neuroleadership and is MBTI, Firo-B and TMS accredited. In 1991 she was awarded the MBE for Leadership Development in the British Army.

Amongst many other benefits, clients report improvements in self awareness, focus, sense of personal direction, depth and meaning, less stress, fewer habitual thought patterns and fixation and overall increased sense of happiness.