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Community Of Practice: Coaching for Parenting

19-06-1812:00 pm -1:00 pm
Cafe and Bar Gavroche, 69 Tras Street, Singapore, 079008

COP: Parent Coaching-Finding our unique Parenting Solutions

Coaching for Parenting is a Community of Practice support group designed for coaches seeking to bring coach-like approach into their relationship with children and themselves as parents.

The demands of juggling personal, professional and family obligations combined with an increase in social isolation and expectations, have led to a need for greater support for parents. Often stock answers offered by many parenting programs feel inadequate to really shift the dynamics at home.

What if there was a way to communicate to our children without the need to ‘control’? What if there was a way to inspire responsibility in children from within? What if there was a way for parents to reprogram our own minds at a deep level so that the way we think of our children and parenting shifts from within?

Coaching for Parenting aims to explore these questions with a heartfelt aim to create greater peace, freedom, and choices for families, and to truly clarify and live through shared family values and goals.

Join us to be a part of a support group where we can develop our parenting through a structured coach-like approach. This CoP is facilitated by Halbert & Avni, who will draw upon their personal experience as parents and coaches, to create a safe environment of learning and mutual support. The first session aims to share:

  • the purpose, expectations and agreements for participation
  • the approach and road-map of Coaching for Parenting CoP
  • and understand your vision of parenting and answer your questions

We look forward to meeting you to engage in a deep learning journey! 

About Facilitators

Halbert LouisHalbert Louis
B.Eng (NTU), Ms in Counselling (Monash U), Associate Certified Coach ACC, Triple P certified Parenting Practitioner, Director & Trainer of Connect Consultancy & Training.

 Halbert is the Founder & Director of his own company, Connect Consultancy & Training (CCT). As an approved service provider of parenting workshops with Singapore’s Ministry of Social & Family (MSF), CCT has conducted numerous parenting workshops in both primary and secondary schools all over Singapore in the past 5 years. CCT also conducts an evidence-based parenting program called “Positive Parenting Program” with dozens of schools in Singapore. Apart from that Halbert has also conducted corporate mental wellness programs such as Stress Management with numerous clients.

He is also a registered counsellor with SAC and provides both counselling and coaching services mainly on marriage & parenting issues. He has been married for 26 years to Ms Bong Louis and have 2 daughters, Rachel, 24 and Renee, 22.


Avni MartinAvni Martin
BSc, Professional Certified Coach PCC, Coach Trainer, Facilitator, Head of ICF Science & Research of Coaching Committee

Avni is the founder of Martin CCS, which provides coach training programs and customised workshops to empower excellence in individuals and teams. Prior to that she worked in Corporate Leadership Development, Change Management and HR Consultancy.

As the Head of Coaching Science & Research Committee and Executive Committee Member of ICF Singapore Chapter, Avni is passionate about research and leads two pioneering projects that advance the awareness, excellence and advancement of coaching in the industry and community.

Being married with 3 children, Avni strongly believes in educating and sharing coaching skills with families. Previously Avni has designed and delivered, workshops for parents and children ranging from 9-21 years old.


2018 June Chapter Meeting : Integrating the art of visual coaching into your coaching conversation

Topic : Integrating the art of visual coaching into your coaching conversation.

Approximate 80% of the world's population use visual as their primary sense making mechanism. Before we learn our letters as a child, everything is a visual. Even as an adult, as we move into the creative parts of our brain for goal setting, sense-making, etc, most of us see images in our minds' eyes.

What if that inherent visual ability of the human psyche can be worked into your coaching practices? How will it look like? How much further will your client be able to go, if he/she is able to communicate thoughts and ideas otherwise challenging to put into words?

Visual Coaching encompasses the integration of visual tools into your current coaching methodologies that potentially brings about richer and deeper dialogue with your clients, that goes beyond breakthroughs limited to using just words in regular sessions.

Take away & learning outcomes:

  • Awareness of the power of visuals in coaching
  • Basic iconology and visual metaphor usage
  • "Live" visual coaching experiments with one another
  • Tips & tricks to get you started.

CCEU: 1.5 (core competencies 1, resource development 0.5)

Speaker Bio

About Gerauld Wong

Gerauld WongGerauld is a Learning and Development Specialist who believes strongly in the statement, “When you grow, your team grows”. He had been supporting people in personal growth and development, which then as a direct impact supported the growth of countless organizations and schools for the last 12 years.

Gerauld specialises in transfers of learning (concept to application) through the purposeful usage of experience. Using a range of methodologies such as Brain-based Learning, Adventure Therapy, Experiential Learning, to name a few, and platforms such as Impact Teaching, Greenlight Classrooms, he is able to engage participants of his trainings in a purposefully fun and effective manner to bring about learning in an applicative environment.

Note : 7:30-8:00pm - Networking / 8:00-9:15pm - Program


Mindfulness Meditation for Coaches

27-06-187:00 pm -8:30 pm
Claymore Connect 442 Orchard Road, #03-01, Trehaus Singapore 238879

COP: Mindfulness Meditation for Coaches

The Mindfulness Coaching COP will be facilitating a meet on the 27th of June, to encourage coaches to take some quiet time to recharge, re-balance, and rejuvenate through mindfulness meditation. During this time, we will facilitate a selected guided active meditation technique, followed by a sharing session and some tea.

What to Wear

Anything loose / comfortable. We will be sitting on floor cushions, or chairs for those who prefer to use them.

About Facilitator

Ranjan Raman (Co-Chair, Mindfulness COP)
As an experienced and certified mindfulness meditation facilitator, executive coach, performance consultant, and regional leader with some of the largest technology companies in the world, Ranjan facilitates a unique blend of “simple, effective, and practical” science-based meditation techniques that aim to recharge, re-balance, and rejuvenate for enhanced health and overall well-being. Ranjan is a certified active meditation facilitator, a certified performance consultant, certified professional Co-Active coach (CPCC), and an ICF Associate Certified Coach(ACC). He is currently a regional leader at a global technology multinational, and is also the founder of Mindfulmeets.Com.


2018 July Webinar: Mastery Monday - Calling All Aspiring and Renewing ACC Coaches

02-07-188:00 pm -8:45 pm
Online (Link to be sent 1 day before webinar)

Topic: Mastery Monday - Calling All Aspiring and Renewing ACC Coaches

Individual Price: $10 (for non-members)

ICF Singapore Members : Free (Please log in to register for the webinar)

The ACC (Associate Certified Coach credential) is the first milestone of the ICF credentialing journey. It is a pledge to recognizing standards in professional coaching. With more and more individuals joining the Coaching industry, there is growing concern, and interest, from clients to ensure they are hiring 'legit' Coaches.

Deciding to embark on your ACC, or to renew your ACC as a continued commitment, is the right thing way to assure your clients that you're practicing with standards and ethics. However, the credentialing journey can sometimes be confusing, and we all want to be successful in our applications the first time around.

In this 45 minute webinar, we will cover

  • the latest updates effective 31st July that will affect ALL ACC applications
  • introduction to the ACC markers
  • quick tips to prepare for your Coach Knowledge Assessment online test
  • Q&A segment for new applicants, as well as renewals

This webinar is for

  • Coaches who are just started or graduated from their Coach Training
  • Coaches who have been actively coaching and now want their ACC
  • ACCs who need to renew their credential by December 2018

If you are an ACC thinking of attaining your PCC, there is a session for PCCs scheduled on 6 August. Look out for event alerts in July.

If you have further questions about this event, or would like to submit a query you'd like addressed in the Q&A webinar segment, please email membership@icfsingapore.org.

About the speaker:

Lin TanLin Tan

Lin has over 14 years experience in Coaching and is 1 of 8 Master Certified Coaches in Singapore. Coaching since 2004 and certified with the International Coach Federation since 2006, she brings over 4,000 hours of coaching experience into her work with organization and individuals.

As a registered mentor coach with the ICF, Lin has trained and mentored since 2006 close to 300 Coaches from all over the world in coaching skill sets, and helped over 60 of them achieve their professional certifications. She spearheaded one of the very first ACTPs established in Singapore back in 2010, and is currently the Director of Training of a regional school that offers Coach certification courses (ACSTH) in Singapore and China. She is a finalist of the ICF Young Leader's Award 2018 in recognition of her contributions to the Coaching scene.

Lin is a member of the ICF Singapore Chapter Executive Committee and leads the Credentialing initiatives to support Singapore Coaches in achieving their professional certifications.


Using ICF Core Competencies to Begin and End Your Coaching Session

09-07-1810:00 am

Topic: Using ICF Core Competencies to Begin and End Your Coaching Session

ICF has worked hard to create core competencies to make sure that their coaches offer the most effective and rewarding coaching sessions. Learn how to use them to perfectly set up the coaching agreement and to wrap up your coaching session.

Learning outcome:

1.) Five questions that will set up the coaching agreement. 

2.) One trick that will let you know what your rst question should be. 

3.) Bonus wrap-up questions that will make your client aware of how valuable coaching is.

CCEU: 1 (core competencies 1)

About the Speaker: Laurie Lawson

LAURIE LAWSON, CEC, PCC is a Career and Transition Coach located in New York City.

Combining her management skills with her coaching experience, she has provided coaching and/or training for the following organizations:

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center – Goddard, MD

iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) – US/UK/Canada

International Coach Federation Global (ICF) - Ireland/Canada/Italy

International Coach Federation (ICF) – New York City/Dallas-Fort Worth/Metro DC Fitness Magazine – New York City

Points of You – Israel

Career Gear – New York City

British Broadcasting Company (BBC)

Laurie is a Certified Empowerment Coach from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from the International Coach Federation (ICF), a Certified EQ Mentor Coach, a Certified DoLquest Expert, a Certified Trainer for Points of You, The Coaching Game, and recently completed the ICF's PCC Markers Training.

She is the Past President of the International Coach Federation of New York City, a Final Exam Assessor/Mentor Coach for iPEC, Executive Producer of The Coaching Game TV Show, Creator/Co-Host of Coach Chat Radio and the international radio show Meaning in Madness.


2018 July Chapter Meeting:Introduction to tension release exercise

Details to be advised

Note : 7:30-8:00pm - Networking / 8:00-9:15pm - Program

CCEU: 1.5 (resource development 1.5)


Co-Creating an Engaged Coaching Relationship

14-08-187:00 pm

Topic: Co-Creating an Engaged Coaching Relationship

ICF Singapore Members : Free (Please log in to register for the webinar)

One of the biggest challenges Coaches face when working with a client on a long-term basis is lack of engagement. For the Coach, it can be draining to work with a client who is making little or no progress. And for the client, the level of commitment & discipline needed to fully engage in the coaching process can be a significant barrier, and challenge, to achieving results.

The way to overcome this challenge is to heighten your own Coaching Presence and develop a deep sense of trust, connection & authenticity.

Join us for this 'Co-Creating an Engaged Coaching Relationship' 90min session and discover some valuable tips to engage your clients at the highest level.

Learning outcomes:

1. Develop your 'Peak State' Coaching Presence 'on-demand' 2. Build instant trust & connection with any client

3. How to maximise engagement for best results

4. Honoring the Co-Creating process

CCEU: 1.5 (core competencies 1.5)

About the Speaker - Luke Salway

Luke is the CEO & Founder of Coachology, a training & coaching company providing International Corporate Training & Personal Development Certifications within South-East Asia.

Business Coach, Motivational Speaker, NLP Trainer, Master Coach and Leadership Development Facilitator, Luke is passionate about helping companies and individuals unleash their full potential, to achieve Success & Happiness.