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Coaching Resources

29-10-2112:30 pm -2:00 pm


Professional coaching is constantly evolving in methodology, application and research.  Recognizing the importance to all coaches to are creating a platform to discuss a new modality, a new book or article or even review how I am showing up as a Coach?

This group is open to all coaches, you may be new, seasoned, or aspiring to be a coach, you are either credentialled or on the path to credentialing.  We get together once a month to deepen our knowledge and learning as a way to provide support for those who are navigating their way in the world of coaching.

Focus of this CoP: 

  • What kind of coach do I want to be?
  • What it takes to get your Credentials (for ACC/PCC/MCC)
  • How to grow beyond ACC/PCC/MCC
  • How to know and define my Coaching Niche.
  • Various type of Coaching in the Industry – and what it means to be an Executive Coach, or Life Coach, Health Coach.
  • Individual vs. Team Coaching vs Group Coaching
  • Network Places, Must Read Books / Articles
  • Coaching offering and Pricing in the industry
  • How can I get Coaching hours from Pro-Bono vs Paid vs. volunteer coaching

The Resources Community of Practice is hosted by JassMalaney

JassJass Malaney, PCC, is an Executive Leadership Coach, Team Coach, Mentor Coach, Facilitator, Keynote speaker & Author.  Prior to becoming a Coach, she held senior leadership roles including working as a Diplomat at the United Nations The World Bank.

She is passionate about Coaching and has been actively involved to engage and build the coaching communities globally in the following roles: 

Global Ambassador for the ICF Foundation 2020
President ICF Singapore Chapter (2017-2018) 
Executive Board Member, Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches (APAC) 2019
Sponsorship Chair Asia Pacific Coaching Conference in 2010 and 2012. 
Chair,  Symposium on “Coaching for Future” Coaching Week 2015
Editor, Coaching Journal "Coaching Resource Guide" 2012


Team Coaching CP – Lead by Swee Heng

08-11-218:00 pm -9:30 pm

Team Coaching CP – Lead by Swee Heng

The main purpose of the Team Coaching CP is to allow members to learn team coaching from one another.

At each session, there will be a short topic presentation relating to team coaching, followed by discussions and sharing of knowledge, experiences, skills, tools, cases and resources. The CP is also a good platform to address your team coaching challenges as well as a test bed for new team coaching ideas or tools. It is also an excellent opportunity to network and make more friends. 

The Team Coaching CP session is held every 2nd Monday of the month from 8 pm to 9.30 pm (SG). The CP is organized by like-minded folks and if you are interested to be part of the planning committee, do contact Events and CP team via at events@icfsingapore.org.

As PCC, Swee Heng has more than 10 years experience coaching executives and teams in Asia Pacific to be higher performing by inspiring leaders and team members to share in the leadership. He is the Global Director of the Team Coach Certification Program, deriving great satisfaction in grooming more Shared Leadership Team Coaches who can make an impactful difference at the workplace and community. Swee Heng has published a book “Coaching In The Moment — How busy leaders can make more impact with less time”. Swee Heng’s 31 years of management, operations and HR experiences gathered in Reed Elsevier, Deloitte and the Singapore Ministry of Defense, has also helped him to be a grounded leadership and team coach, co-creating practical and effective solutions with each client.

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The Value of the ICF Credential

11-11-218:00 pm -9:30 pm

Anyone can call themselves a coach, but only ICF Credentialed coaches have been verified as having met the global gold standard for professional and ethical practice in coaching. 

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) Credentials and Standards organization provides the most globally recognized credentials for coach practitioners that recognize the competence of coaches across their coaching journey through independent, valid assessment and rigorous eligibility requirements. Whether at the Associate Certified Coach, Professional Certified Coach, or Master Certified Coach levels, working with an ICF Credentialed coach offers an important and independently verified quality assurance of coaching competence, along with a commitment to abiding by the ICF Code of Ethics. 

This session will share the value of ICF Credentials for coaches and the clients they serve.

Learning Outcomes

  • The three key purposes of credentialing 
  • The impact credentialing can have on a coach's career journey  
  • The three credential levels that ICF offers and eligibility criteria for each 
  • How to begin the credentialing journey!

Speaker's BIO

Carrie Abner is an experienced association executive who has advanced professional associations at the local, state, national and international levels. With a passion for bringing together diverse communities of practitioners through common purpose and voice, Abner has more than two decades of experience in communications, domestic and foreign policy, and nonprofit management in her roles at the International Coaching Federation, The Council of State Governments and the International Council for Voluntary Action (InterAction).

She currently serves as vice president of ICF Credentials and Standards, where she works to strengthen and grow the certification of coach practitioners around the world and ensure the highest standards for professional and ethical practice in coaching. Abner previously served as assistant director for communications at The Council of State Governments, where she worked with state legislators, supreme court justices and executive branch leaders to foster collaboration and sharing of best practices across the states. Her past experience includes management of U.S. federal grant projects related to prevention of violence against women, as well as the protection of refugee women and children in humanitarian crises. 

Carrie holds a Master’s degree in international affairs from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

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Peer Coaching Community of Practice

17-11-217:00 pm -8:30 pm

Peer Coaching Community of Practice (CP)

The Peer Coaching CP is a collaborative learning space for coaches to practice coaching, observe different coaching styles, and share insights on different case studies to elevate your coaching skills in line with latest ICF’s Competencies. Leveraging on a variety of approaches, including reviewing challenging case studies, coaches will have the opportunity to connect and interact with other professional coaches, deepen their understanding of ICF core competencies and experience the collective wisdom of the group. Learn to use the power of reflection and feedback to sharpen your coaching skills. Each CP session will come with 1.5 CCEUs.

This Peer Coaching CP will be facilitated by Suman Balani PCC, Executive Leadership & Group Coach, Joanne Teh PCC, Leadership & Team Coach and Jenny Toh ACC, Life Coach.

 Suman Balani, founder of Flourish Consulting,has over 25 years of leadership experience in healthcare, payments and technology sectors, including positions in corporate strategy, business operations, strategic product marketing and technology innovation. Leveraging on her strong corporate track record, Suman has brought the benefits of coaching to organisations by helping leaders build capacity for sustainable performance whilst concurrently displaying emotionally intelligent conduct.  As a ICF Mentor coach, Suman delights in up-skilling coaches towards mastery through real-life practical experience in support of their credentialling journeys. She is a Certified Master Transformational Coach, an Accredited Boss Whisperer and is certified in numerous assessment tools. Suman serves as a volunteer in not-for-profit Boards and was the ICF SG Chapter President in 2019. Suman also holds an Executive Masters in Coaching & Consulting for Change (Organisational Psychology) from the INSEAD Business School.

 Joanne Teh PCC, founder of NextGen Coach, runs a coaching/OD practice that focuses on enabling leaders to create sustainable change for themselves and their teams, to bring about measurable business impact and increase staff engagement for their organisations. With more than a decade of corporate experience in the financial and government sectors, complemented by years of leadership coaching for a diverse range of companies from large multinationals to up-and-coming start-ups, Joanne strives to deliver tangible, practical and transformative impact to each of her clients. Joanne is passionate about supporting coaches on their credentialing journeys and to achieve mastery of their craft, as positive change agents for their broader community. Joanne is a Certified Team Coach and a Certified Agile Coach. She also holds an EMBA from Quantic School of Business and Technology, an MA from Harvard University, and a BA from University of Chicago.

 Jenny Toh ACC, founder of River Life Coaching, is also currently a derivatives legal counsel in ING Bank N.V.  Jenny coaches individuals to align their career and life goals with their values and strengths. She is currently working on her certification as a Positive Intelligence Coach. Jenny is a qualified lawyer in UK, Singapore and Malaysia.


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Coaching for Social Impact by ICF Foundation

18-11-217:00 pm -8:30 pm

ICF Foundation reflects the passion and commitment of coaches to make a difference. Each of us want to make a difference. As coaches, we know that the right questions at the right time in the right place can change conversations and make an impact. 

Come along to this session so we can identify what matters for bridging the gap between what is needed and possible through the transformational benefits of coaching for the benefit of our planet. 

Are you passionate about the social impact coaching can have for mission-driven organization and wonder “how can this help my nonprofit” or “what I can do as a coach?” Join the ICF Foundation and ICF Singapore on November 18th at 7 pm SGT. 

We are calling all coaches to discuss how we can deliver the greatest possible contribution of coaching for humanity and the planet! This session, immersed in small group dialogue and wider room sharing, will strive to create shared meaning for social progress and question how we as leaders flourish as a whole and not just as the parts. This presentation gets to the very spirit and inspiration of coaching. It provides an opportunity to collaborate on what can be achieved and where the insertion points are with mission-driven organizations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Acknowledge commitment and responsibility as a coach (updated core competency 2 embodies and coaching mindset & specifically 2.4 “remains aware of and open to the influence of context on self and others” Also considering the revised Code of Ethics: #28 “Am aware of my and my clients’ impact on society. I adhere to the philosophy of “going good” versus “avoiding bad”).
  • Coaches’ role in impacting societal progress. 
  • Understand how coaches can engage in the greatest possibility for humanity.
  • Learn about the current efforts and impact from ICF Foundation initiatives

Speaker's BIO

Jass Malaney, PCC is currently serving as the Council of Ambassador for the ICF Foundation, Nomination Committee for Credentials & Standards Board, ICF Registered Mentor Coach and an active regional leader in the coaching communities. 

With over 28 years of leadership experience working with the United Nations Organization: The World Bank, Scotts Holding Group, and Kelly Services Jass’s broad corporate exposure along with entrepreneurial capabilities has offered her the opportunity to develop an understanding of the cultural differences, global systems, and business factors that are common across industries, which she distils into her coaching conversations with clients. 

She served as the President of the ICF Singapore Chapter (2017-2018). She served as the Board Adviser, for a Non Profit Organization, Social Health Growth. She is a Grassroots Leader for the Siglap South Community Centre.

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25-11-2110:30 am -12:00 pm

Call for Volunteer coaches.

When?: Thursday 25th Nov from 10:30 am till 12:00 pm.

We are partnering with VIRIYA Community Services - VCS to provide exclusively impactful coaching experiences to their leaders.

VIRIYA Community Services is a charitable organisation founded in 2001 to provide community and social services to families and individuals in need in Singapore. To know more, kindly visit the VCS website at: https://viriya.org.sg/

This event will include a short presentation followed by a 45 mins pro bono coaching session.

After that, five further coaching sessions to take place over a maximum period of six months to be arranged between you and your assigned coachee at a time and on a platform that suits you both.


  • Opening introduction by VIRIYA Community Services
  • Introduction on coaching by ICF Singapore
  • Closing by VIRIYA Community Services and ICF
  • Feedback and group photograph

Requirements are: 

  • Current, live ICF Singapore Chapter member
  • Minimum ACC credential
  • Your commitment to attend the entire event on Thursday 25th Nov from 10:30 am till 12:00 pm.

Here is the link to register your interest in this pro bono coaching event by November 5th: https://forms.gle/qxm5bthSdsnmMUAc6

We are looking forward to partnering with you again on this exciting program.


Event for Health and Performance CP

29-11-2112:00 pm -1:30 pm

COMMUNITIES OF PRACTICE - Health and Wellness Coaching (CP)

Health affects everyone indirectly or directly. But sometimes a serious illness can come unexpectedly, changing the world of our clients and their outlook on life instantaneously, and making even the smallest of tasks seem like massive obstacles. 

Integrating into coaching – how they can overcome the challenges that arise out of health condition(s) – we can help them find their new normal and move them forward to function and perform optimally, both at work and in their personal lives. 

Focus of this CP: 

• Create your Health Recovery coaching model, structure, and powerful questions.

• Understand best practices, sensitizing oneself, and tools that can be used to coach recovery warriors. 

• Create an understanding if mindfulness is beneficial and how it can be incorporated in the practice.

The Coaching for Health Recovery and Performance Community of Practice is hosted by PreetiKurani 

PreetiKurani is a Transformative High-Performance Coach who works with businesses, leaders, and individuals to help transform perspectives for elevating impact at work and in their personal lives. She combines focus, intuition, creativity, and open communication to help people move forward and achieve their goals while staying congruent with their values.

Preeti comes with 20 years’ experience in business, sales, and people development within the luxury industry and working with different cultures and countries. She is Certified in Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholders Centred Coaching Program for Leaders and Teams, and a Professional Co-Active Coach. She also runs workshops in different areas related to performance thinking, self-management, and professional skill-building.


Tricia is a certified professional coach, with a niche in supporting women with Cancer. Her keen listening skills & non-judgmental approach provides a safe space for her clients to explore their fullest potential. Tricia guides clients through a journey of self-discovery; fresh perspectives; renew optimism; and to build on each individual’s innate wisdom, in spite of their health and emotional challenges. Tricia believes that reassessment & personal growth should be lifelong. She has been featured by Straits Times, radio station, magazines and invited to speak at health awareness events for her work in the cancer community.

Combined with her professional credentials & passion to serve,  Tricia continues to contribute her time, effort, skills and compassion with volunteer organizations such as Breast Cancer Foundation, National University Hospital, SPARKS ( ADHD support group), A New Vision ( Funding Cataract surgeries), HCA Hospice Care to creating a positive community impact