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Reciprocal Coaching Clinic

30-11-207:00 pm -9:00 pm
Date :  30 Nov 2020   
Time :  7:00 pm to 9 pm
Venue  :  Zoom Webinar 
Fee :  Free for ICF Singapore Members

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SINGAPORE YOUTH COACHING is hosted by Joe Chan and Diana Petrov

03-12-207:00 pm -9:00 pm


The coaching profession today continues to build and establish its applications in different domains of our society today. Coaching as a practice with youths today is definitely one of those domains where many professional coaches operate both professionally or through various volunteer space. So as coaches continue to serve in this space, impacting the lives of all these young people, how can we as a coaching profession come together to learn, grow and innovate together so as to meet the growing demands of our young people? How can coaches today continue to strive towards improving and increasing their area of expertise and knowledge so as to create a definite impact in our leaders of tomorrow? It’s not an easy task to challenge to overcome but we certainly hope to tackle some of it through the Youth Coaching CoP Sessions.

Objectives of this CoP: 3 C’s

• C - Collaborate with each other – Providing an avenue where coaches can come together to leverage and synergize on each other’s strengths

• C – Community building – Rallying and supporting this group of coaches doing this work

• C – Commitment to grow – Setting benchmarks of professional standards and conduct as we work with young people

SINGAPORE YOUTH COACHING is hosted by Joe Chan and Diana Petrov

A youth work practitioner for the past 15 years at REACH Community Services Society (RCSS), specializing in working with children and youths in the community. Joe enjoys the challenges and thrills of this work starting as a case worker himself overseeing individuals, families and programmes till today where he is heading REACH Youth Service of RCSS in a few locations. With his dedication to coach his team of social workers, counsellors and youth workers, the team reaches out to over 800 youths every month all over Singapore through its holistic services and programmes

With a background in teaching and education management, Diana has turned to coaching to continue enabling growth, self-empowerment and success in the field of education. As an educator for the past 12 years, she has accumulated a wealth of experience and gained important insights in understanding the areas that parents, teachers and school leaders need to explore and expand to provide better support for healthy learning.  She now coaches parents, teachers and educational leaders who aspire to create positive learning environments that meet the well-being and educational needs of those under their guidance. 


The Many Hats of Leadership

03-12-207:30 pm -9:00 pm
 Date:   Dec 3, 2020
 Time:  7.30-9.00PM
 Location: Online Webinar (Zoom link will be email out a day before event)
 CCEU:  Core Competencies: 1.5


Leaders wear many hats - manager, supervisor, strategist, mentor, coach and more. And a fundamental part of leadership is to develop capacity in others. When it's unclear which hat we are wearing, conversations can be received in a very different way than was intended. The simplest learning from coaching enables us to change hats more effectively. Claire will demonstrate what she is teaching and everyone will have an opportunity to practice a bit. This will be useful for anyone wanting to use coaching and there will be learning for coaches at all levels.

Learning Outcome:

1) Simple questions to start any conversation well

2) Checking in all the way through a conversation and why it matters

3) 1-2 insights about having more transformational conversations by doing less

About the Speakers

 An ICF Master Certified Coach who has been coaching for over 30 years, Claire Pedrick is in demand as a systemic executive coach, mentor coach, coaching supervisor and as a trainer. Her style is very simple and she is in demand in organisations to develop simplicity in their internal coaches.

"I could say that I am a human who facilitates other people’s thinking. I am a business owner. A Mother. A friend. A volunteer. A Master Coach with over 11000 hours experience. An author of Simplifying Coaching which is coming out in December 2020. All of these are true and each will impact how we start a conversation. With some definitions you might assign me power which I do not deserve. I’m interested in how we hold presence in coaching and work in partnership in spite of power differences.”


Life Coaching Communities of Practice is hosted by Ruchi Parekh

11-12-2012:00 pm -1:00 pm

Life Coaching Communities of Practice is hosted by Ruchi Parekh

Ruchi Parekh is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) certified by the International Coach Federation focusing on Life Coaching for Executives with Leadership Development. She is also an Accredited Belbin Facilitator. Belbin Team Roles are used to identify behavioural strengths and weaknesses in the workplace. Whether developing people, resolving conflict or fine-tuning high performance. Ruchi is a lawyer by profession having practiced law in India and in Hong Kong. While she enjoyed law, she had a deep sense to do something more meaningful, helping people more directly and driving towards their passion.