Co-Evolutionary Conversations: How to Bring Your Best and Inspire Others to Do the Same


Generating positive momentum and championing change from the inside and out is what allows your clients accomplish their goals. This level of coaching is rewarding on its own. But that’s just the beginning of the coaching journey...

Masterful coaches know: we are the instrument of change. According to relational neuroscience, your presence is a major influencer on your clients’ capacity to successfully make the changes they seek. Who you are in the moment with your client makes the difference, regardless of the coaching method you employ. Most clients never remember what they did during a coaching session. But they do remember how they felt about themselves in your presence. Imagine being that inner champion! Your voice and impact can live within your client’s mind years after the coaching engagement.

A Co-evolutionary Conversation shifts the coach’s focus from “changing or helping others” to “contributing their best toward the client’s present needs.” During our interactive exploration of Co-evolutionary Conversations, you will explore this ground-breaking method. Learn how to grow yourself as a coach, and your clients, within every conversation.

Co-evolutionary Conversations take you and your relationships (both coaching and personal) to an entirely new level of human excellence and empowerment. As a leader, influencer, and coach, you hold the honourable opportunity to be a role model toward a new way of being with others. Learn how to cultivate a generative learning space where you can co-evolve and inspire others to cultivate a mindset of curiosity and growth through authentic connection.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify your core “natural” coaching communication style to recognize what aspect of you drives your coaching style.
  • Learn and practice the 5 Elements of a Co-evolutionary Conversation to get a felt sense of the method in action.
  • Recognize what your client truly needs and respond in the moment by bringing your best self into the conversation.
  • Transform your own client-experiences and other important relationships through a new lens, language, and way of being.

About the Speaker

Feroshia Knight (MA, MCC) is an internationally renowned ICF Master Certified Coach, coach trainer, author, and presenter. Founder and Executive Director of Coach Training World in Portland, Oregon, USA, she is consulted throughout the world for her ability to see through the hidden layers of human complexity.

Her revolutionary methodology – Whole Person Coaching – is a multimodal approach incorporating narrative, somatic, cognitive, and relational psychologies and sciences. Feroshia’s upcoming book, Co-evolutionary Conversations, will be available in Fall 2021. It is the follow-up to her holistic coaching primer, Become the Successful Coach You Are Meant to Be, published in 2017.

Feroshia holds a master's degree in organization change and renewal from Seattle University/OSR-NW. Offering regular seminars on varied aspects of relational neuroscience and psychology, her expertise includes systems thinking, system dynamics, transformational learning theory, archetypal systems, and pattern analysis, as well as change management. She is also an NLP practitioner and certified project manager.

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