ICW2019 Webinar: The Neurobiology of Coaching

International Coaching Week 2019

Webinar: The Neurobiology of Coaching

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When we coach our clients there are many things we must take into account such as their culture, gender, socioeconomic status, education, family history, personal health and physical capacity, the list goes on and on. However, every client I have ever met has had a brain (with perhaps one or two exceptions) and all brains run on the same basic principles regardless of history, culture, gender etc. Quite simply when we learn the basics of how the brain works we become more effective as coaches. 

At its core the art of coaching is the art of helping our clients change habits that don’t serve them, maintain and reinforce the ones that do serve them and and to intentionally create new habits that will allow them to achieve groundbreaking and intentional results at work, at home and at play. When we understand the neuroscience of habits and the role of the coach in the journey,  we become valuable allies to our clients as they travel on the journey to health, integrity and self-empowerment.   

4 Key Learning Takeaways

Engaged participants will learn:

  • The neuro-anatomy of habits.
  • How to change bad habits in ourselves and in our clients.
  • The role of discipline and repetition in building new habits.
  • Why building habits can be difficult and how to avoid pitfalls.  

About Speaker


Leadership Coach, MA, LPC, PCC

Chris Balsley MA, LPC, PCC, maintains a thriving and diverse professional coaching practice with thirty-five years of outstanding experience in supporting his clients. Focusing on inspiring professionals to be the best leaders they can be, especially in the face of adversity, Chris dedicates a large portion of his career to helping individuals and teams increase their performance and shift their moods intentionally. He accomplishes this by teaching them how to mitigate the effects of workplace stress, by training them how to listen and speak more powerfully, and by demonstrating to them the connection between leadership and the human body.  In more that 12 countries, Chris has coached leaders at all levels of organizations from the CEO to the C-suite to mid-level managers in multi- national corporations, fortune 100 companies and in the military.

He holds certifications as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Professionally Certified coach (PCC), The Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) and Agile program management. 

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