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President's Report 2015-2016

The year 2015-16 ended in pride and celebration with ICF Singapore receiving another award from ICF Global.
The award “In recognition of excellence and inspiration”, serves as a wonderful acknowledgement by the global coaching community of our vision in action. The second for the chapter in two consecutive years, the award was presented by the 2016 ICF Global Board Chair Leda Turai Petrauskiene and ICF CEO/Executive Director Magdalena Mook at the opening ceremony of the second annual Global Leaders Forum held in Charlotte, North Carolina from 3rd to 5th March 2016. The award is a recognition of the variety and impact of the initiatives we have organised this past year for our members and our wider community. Many of the initiatives we have been recognised for are the subject of this Chapter Report.

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2013- 2014

Avital Carmon PCC 
Avital Carmon


  • We are a vibrant space for learning, growing, connecting and inspiring 
  • We are the credible and attractive voice for the coaching profession in Singapore

With this vision in mind, we aspired to create events and initiatives to expand and deepen learning and relationships in our community, and strengthen ICF Singapore’s positioning as a strong community of professional coaches.

We placed a strong emphasize on supporting new members by introducing a dedicated New Members Newsletter, adding a detailed FAQ to the website, and professionalizing our New Members Orientation Meetings. Much emphasize was also given to supporting members in their Credentialing journeys by hosting events about Credentialing and Supervision and offering continuous personal guidance. The number of local Credentialed ICF coaches continued growing significantly.

Our Coaches for Community (C4C) portfolio continued evolving. Over 220 coaching hours were donated this year by ICF members, who volunteered in our four C4C projects. Their contribution was acknowledged during the AGM in the form of Certificates of Appreciation.  

A highlight this year was the inaugural Coaches Open House, hosted during International Coaching Week 2013, which offered a full day of workshops and networking opportunities and was fully sponsored for ICF coaches. Other notable initiatives included: partnering with 938Live to secure a monthly interview slot for ICF coaches, offering Laser Coaching to delegates of the Intellectual Property Career Forum at MBS, kick starting social ICF get-togethers, and continuing to expand our presence on social media.

2012- 2013

Avital Carmon PCC 
Avital Carmon

Expand the reach of ICF Singapore

With the aim to Expand the reach of ICF Singapore, we focused this year on building platforms for engaging, connecting, and serving our growing and increasingly diverse members’ body. This vision was also supported by our commitment towards growing the visibility of coaching and ICF, partnering with other organizations, and continuing to develop our Chapter as a high performing one.

We held around 30 learning events during the year, grew our Coaches for Community activities, and saw a substantial increase in the number of local credentialed ICF coaches. We revamped all our communication channels and materials, including the implementation of a newly designed logo, introduction of a new format for the online newsletter, and fine-tuning of elements of our website, social media channels, and collateral. We created a stronger presence on social media, demonstrated by a substantial increase of followers on LinkedIn and Facebook and the launch of our Twitter account. We also amended the ICF Singapore Constitution to create a better alignment with the standards of the Singapore Registry of Societies and adjust clauses related to the elections following the introduction of online voting in 2012.

A highlight this year was another successful collaboration with APAC to bring the 2nd Asia Pacific Coaching Conference to Singapore. More than 330 delegates from 24 countries attended. We also hosted the first 1st Asia Pacific Chapter Leaders meeting, attended by more than 50 colleagues from across the region and beyond.


Susan Sadler ACC
Susan Sadler

Raising Standards

This year our Executive Committee’s vision was Raising Standards.  To that end, we saw many process improvements, including  online registration and payment for chapter meetings and special events, enhanced features of our website, making it more accessible, and online voting for the new leadership of the chapter – to name a few.  We enhanced the credibility of both trained and credentialed coaches by posting them on separate pages on the website. 

We ran four additional events, featuring pioneers and/or leaders in the field, including Sir John Whitmore and James Flaherty.  This was also a year of celebration, with the inaugural Gratitude Awards, acknowledging excellence in various ICF competencies, and thanking those ‘pioneers’ who made our chapter possible. Reaching out to the business community, we launched the first Speed Coaching for HR professionals breakfast event, with 15 minute speed coaching sessions by credentialed coaches.

This year also saw an increase in contact and exchange within the region: ICF Hyderabad, Japan chapter leaders, ICF Australasia, and ICF Jakarta.  All in all, a year of elevating the profile of ICF Singapore and the coaching profession. 


Sabreena Andriesz ACC
Sabreena Andriesz

Raising Standards & Engaging Members

In this past year our commitment to Raising Standards was demonstrated mostly by increasing the available information on the Singapore Chapter website. Key areas revamped: the Find a Coach section with a minimum requirement for listing being a minimum of 60 hours of coach-specific training. Peer Coaching Circle also require attendees to have at least 60 hours of coach training. New additions relevant to the coaching community were added, namely resources for coach trainings, credentialing, the membership survey, the ExCo roles and responsibilities, email aliases for the all board members enabling members to interact directly with the respective chairperson. In line with this initiative we have revisited the ICF credentialing process, code of ethics and introduced the topic of coaching supervision.

We Engaged Members through the monthly meetings/talks given by experts in their respective fields which gained members CCEU credits for all the sessions. Our programs were focused on professional and personal development with extra meetings dedicated to supporting members towards getting ICF credentials. We had special evening talks by visiting experts in the field of coaching, new members coffee mornings, the monthly peer group coaching session, offering 15% discount for many coaching courses being offered through the e- newsletter and conducted a mid term member survey. We invited members for ICF Singapore to give back to the community via the Community Outreach Project and several members collaborated with APAC to bring the 1st Asia Pacific Coaching Conference to Singapore in September 2010.

By the end of the year we had 234 members an increase of 66 new members.


Sabreena Andriesz ACC
Sabreena Andriesz

“3 D”

Developing Professionally-Developing Business-Developing Community

The Executive Committee’s shared mission statement for this year, was “3 D”; We looked at Developing Professionally by learning, practising and credentialing;Developing Business through alliances and opportunity and Developing Communityby creating ‘a place for coaches’ by improving the benefits to our members and increasing the visibility of coaching in Singapore through a vibrant and caring coaching community.

We focused on developing business and opportunity by updating and improving the ICF Singapore Chapter website, establishing a dedicated Linked-In portal and extending our visibility through four radio shows.

We are developing a caring coaching community evident in a more friendly meeting location, new members coffee mornings, the implementation of a buddy system, our monthly peer group coaching session, indemnity insurance for ICF coaches and collaborating with APAC to bring the 1st Asia Pacific Coaching Conference to Singapore in September 2010.

By the end of the year we had 168 members an increase of 79 new members (taking into account non-renewals).


Tony Latimer MCC
Tony Latimer

Full Practice for All

Tony’s time in office was driven by his vision of the Chapter supporting all members in achieving sufficient business. Coaches can best help clients and their community when they come from a position of plenty, rather than a scarcity mentality. The Exco and membership enthusiastically embraced the concept, which then drove all activity for the chapter.

All chapter events and speakers were aligned to helping membership develop their business and the quality of events under the stewardship of Denise Wright escalated. The chapter website was constantly improved to support the visibility and profile of members, and membership numbers broke the 100 barrier to end the year at around 125.

Tony instigated the President’s Award for Contribution, which went to Denise in recognition of her efforts and tremendous results. Flowing from the focus on business development we saw success with the first Community outreach initiative headed by Mark Sng.


Nancy Verhoeven PCC
Nancy Verhoeven

We continued our mission from the year before and continued to strive towards creating a more professional organization by establishing making the newsletters electronic and linked to the website, focusing on our monthly meeting and building the credibility of the session through the quality of speakers, continuing with the peer coaching and conducting a membership survey. At the end of this year we had 99 members, our monthly meetings attendance was at an average of 27 and we changed the location of our meetings from RELC to SIM.

We continued offering CCEU credits for most monthly sessions, getting 15% discount for many coaching courses being offered here, conducting several members survey, hosting peer group coaching sessions, quarterly newsletters, credentialing sessions, providing a local icf website, and connection with the Asia Pacific and International Coaching Communities.


Nancy Verhoeven PCC
Nancy Verhoeven

Our chapter continue to move towards our vision of “ Bringing the power of professional coaching to Singapore”. We also became more established as a chapter, growing in our commitment to the profession and looking at new ways to enhance our mission. With the evolution we looked at how to improve our processes and increase the benefits to our members. Coaching as a profession is building its credibility in Singapore and our chapter and our members are collaboratively making this happen through our commitment to the professional development of our members via monthly meetings/talks given by experts in their respective fields, offering CCEU credits for most monthly sessions, getting 15% discount for many coaching courses being offered here, conducting a members survey, hosting peer group coaching sessions, quarterly newsletters, credentialing sessions, providing a local icf website, ICF Conferences, and connection with the Asia Pacific and International Coaching Communities. Our current membership reached 74 members and we continued to have 2 monthly peer coaching sessions: Singapore East and Singapore West. We had about 30 members in both Singapore East and Singapore West. (When we first started Peer Coaching Sessions we had only 5 members.) We launched our ICF Chapter newsletter this year and send out quarterly editions and completed a membership survey. There wee 21 credentialed coaches in the membership compared to 10 the year before.


See Luan Foo PCC
Foo See Luan

A Retreat for EXCO members was held on April 4 2005. An enlarged format from the previous year’s Retreat was introduced, with greater participation from the Exco members. The Vision, Mission and Values Statement was crafted in April 2005. Monthly meetings were moved to RELC (Regional Language Centre ) as Nanyang Technological University Alumni Club wanted their premises back. The ICF Singapore Chapter once again won the 2005 ICF Chapter Award in November 2005. The Membership grew from 46 to 70, a growth of 52% in two years. We now have ten ICF credentialed coaches in our membership compared to four two years ago. We expect another six to eight members to obtain ICF credentials in the next 12 months.

A record number of our members , namely 9, attended the 2005 Coaching Conference held in San Jose, California, in November 2005,


See Luan Foo PCC
Foo See Luan

The first ICF Singapore Chapter Retreat was organized on April 19 2004,
attended by ECO members, who planned programs and budget for the year. ICF Singapore Chapter and Asian Association of Career Management Professionals collaborated in Organizing a Coaching Conference on Oct 28, 2004. Community Project with National Library Board was launched in Q3‘05. The ICF Singapore Chapter won the 2004 ICF Chapter Award, in recognition of Excellence, Contribution to Coaching, Creativity and Chapter Participation in November 2004. We were the first chapter outside the US to win this award. Our Chapter donated S$1200 to financially assist victims of the Dec 26 2004 Tsunami. Membership Survey Needs was completed on March 2005 ,enabling us to fine-tune Chapter activities/events around members’ needs. Our ICF Singapore Chapter website was launched in June 2005.


See Luan Foo PCC
Foo See Luan

ICF Singapore became a Chartered Chapter of ICF; ICF Singapore Chapter was registered as a Society with Registrar of Societies, Singapore.

Peer Coaching was introduced. Membership increased to 39 as of December 2003. As membership grew, location for monthly ICF Meetings was moved to Nanyang Technological University Alumni Club from See Luan’s home. It was decided to charge ICF members S$15 for attendance; guests paid S$25.


See Luan Foo PCC
Foo See Luan

The Inaugural Meeting for ICF Members was held on April 11, 2002 at the home of Foo See Luan. Ten ICF Members were present; Foo See Luan, Richard Gee, Rolf Mannel, Lim Luck Ser, Diane Colley, Ong Su-chzeng, Nancy Verhoeven, Laurence Vandenborre, TC Yeo and Maria Amerstorfer. 
In our first year of existence, we grappled with the following challenges Who/What are we ? What do we stand for? What’s important for us? Where are we now and where do we want to go? How do we close the gap ….in terms of shared vision, structure/organization ,strategies, systems, style, etc ? What action plans ,if any, are needed for the next 6 to 12 months.

As we had slender financial means, it was decided to hold monthly meetings at the home of See Luan; most speakers were drawn from ICF members and guests. Ong Su Chzeng, Terry Phillips, Allen Woon and Foo See Luan attended the Inaugural ICF Coaching Conference in Sydney; Su Chzeng and See Luan shared feedback with ICF Singapore members. Highlights of ICF European Coaching Conference held in Spain were shared with members by See Luan; ICF Singapore partnered with Singapore Training and Development Association to publish a Coaching booklet aimed at the general public.