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Monthly Article Reviews

SRC’s Academic Research aims to provide ICF members with a fascinating glimpse into the world of coaching through reviewing the most interesting pieces of coaching research in Literature Review which is published every month on Members Newsletters and the latest trends are summarised at an annual presentation. If you would like to submit an article or a review please contact our project coordinator Maria Tzortzaki . We welcome your contributions. 

2015 Reviews 2016 Reviews 2017 Reviews
Differences between critical moments for clients, coaches and sponsors of coaching (Erik de Haan & Christiane Nieb) July January
Personality Assessment and Feedback Practices Among Executive Coaches (Del Giudice et al., 2014) Maria Tzortzaki August February
Self-esteem within cognitive behavioural coaching: a theoretical framework to integrate theory with practice September March
The effectiveness of Strength Based Executive Coaching in Enhancing Full Range Leadership Development – D. MacKie, 2014 October July
Building A Coaching Culture (ICF & Human Capital Institue, 2014) Review Maria Tzortzaki November August
Coachable Moments: Identifying Factors that Influence Managers to take Advantage of Coachable Moments in Day-to-Day Management (Turner & McCarthy, 2015) December October

Reading Club

Reading Club meets every monthly to discuss a chosen coaching topic. Members are welcome to join the Research Reading Club by contacting Hermann Ditzg.


ICW Presentation 2017 This PowerPoint presentation highlights research on coaching by ICF Global in the last 10 years from a Coaches, Clients, Organisation and Consumers perspective .
- presented by Avni Martin & Bernadette Cenzon at ICW 2017

Coaching Science and Research Committee Team, Best Practices and Projects created by Avni Martin & Nandini Das Ghoshal

ICF Presentation 2010 This PowerPoint presentation reviews research on coaching up to 2010.

ICF Presentation 2015 This PowerPoint presentation reviews research on coaching from 2010-2014.

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The ICF Singapore has provided its membership with free access to one of the leading coaching journals “Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice. Login using the username and password listed below to have full access to more than 300 peer reviewed articles.

Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice

The International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring
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ICF Global – Research Portal
ICF Members and the general public can access coaching journals and download many of the articles found here.

ICF Global Reports The International Coach Federation invests each year into industry research to demonstrate the highly effective nature of coaching, covering a vast spectrum of trends and issues in coaching. The massive scope of these reports reveals a fascinating glimpse into the world of coaching.