Industry Research

Industry Research

ICF Singapore is proud to have commissioned the first of its kind pioneering research study “2020 Study of Interventions for Organizational Development in South East Asia, India & Hong Kong.” 

Our project team

This uniquely positioned research project is designed and delivered by our project team shown below.

Industry Research

Our partners and collaborators

For the first time, 9 ICF Chapters in South East Asia, India & Hong Kong and 4 other professional bodies – Singapore Human Resource Institute (SHRI), National Human Resource Development (NHRD) Network, People Management Association of Philippines (PMAP) and the Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches (APAC) – worked together in reaching out to members across the region to gather data to explore trends of human process interventions for Organizational Development (OD). This collaboration covered 9 countries, over 1,300 professionals and resulted in 821 fully completed responses for the research study. Our deepest gratitude goes to all our partners and collaborators shown below.

Industry Research

The top 3 findings from the report

1. Organizations prefer a one-stop shop when it comes to OD interventions.
Emphasis is placed on blending interventions to achieve change by shifting mindsets, providing practical solutions and measurable results. Traditional interventions such as training remain central to OD practices; however coaching is gaining momentum with highly credentialed coaches earning as much as 10 times more than non-credentialed coaches.

2. Organizations are becoming more people centric.
Respondents report an increased demand for in-house counseling/therapeutic services and corporate wellness solutions. More than 70% of them state that people, skills and cultural development are driving the OD agenda.   

3. OD is at the forefront of change.
Despite COVID-19 resulting in a slowdown of external investment, OD remains central to organizational life. The digitization of OD interventions due to COVID-19 is transforming the delivery of training, coaching, mentoring, consulting and counseling, and improving virtual collaborations for teams and individual employees. 

Download a copy of the full report & share your feedback with us.

Please click here to download the report.  Please share any feedback to Avni Martin at  Thank you.


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