Joydeep Bose

Joydeep Bose

ICF Coaching in Organizations Global Board of Directors

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Joydeep is a Board Member, ICF Global Board for Coaching in Organizations at International Coaching Federation.

Joydeep Bose is the Managing Director and Global Head of Human Resources for Olam International Limited.

Leading the function he has played a key role in the growth of Olam from a privately held company with 2500 employees to being publicly listed with more than 50,000 full time employees and a global Fortune 500 company with S$47 billion revenue. Headquartered in Singapore, Olam is a leading food and agri-business. Olam’s value chain spans over 60 countries and includes farming, processing, and distribution operations, as well as a sourcing network of an estimated 5 million farmers.

Joydeep has extensive experience in the Human Resources field having worked in industries such as chemicals, technology, food and agriculture. His expertise is in the areas of organization performance enhancement, transformational change, mergers & acquisitions.

Joydeep’s source of purpose and meaning in his professional career has been at Olam. He joined the company at a time when it was small and privately held and along the way helped to make it a powerhouse of talent. His personal journey has been remarkable as he has helped shape Olam’s talent strategy uniquely such that while Olam scaled up on its ambitious growth plans it simultaneously built a core culture of Entrepreneurship, Ownership, Stretch and Ambition.

Joydeep has focused on drawing a close link between talent strategies and business outcomes. Operating in more than 60 countries and with diverse teams he believes in a culture that embeds inclusion and diversity, a critical factor in the success of future organizations. This is an area where he continues to learn and contribute in his capacity as a senior HR leader.

He is passionate about building and developing leaders. In his experience, coaching has a significant role in leadership development. To pursue this interest further, he has taken on a volunteer role as Board Member, ICF Global Board for Coaching in Organizations at International Coaching Federation.


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