Ian Wong

Ian Wong

Managing Director

UOB Singapore

Originally geared towards medical studies, Ian took on a totally different path in university and eventually embarked on a career in banking, leading countries and enabling deals across Asia, Europe, and US. After leadership stints, including an overseas posting, with global banks like Bank of America and HSBC, Ian is now Managing Director and Group Head, International Management, at UOB. In this role, he is responsible for the international banking entities, venture management, global capital, and foreign direct investment advisory divisions.

A certified chief master coach, Ian strives to bring out the best in people and advocates for organizations to foster strong mentoring and coaching cultures so as to grow sustainably and purposefully.

He writes about personal inspirations, experiences, and learnings that colleagues and connections may find helpful as they navigate their career and life journeys, especially in today’s “business as UNusual” environment.
Invited by companies and universities to speak on topics to enable people to thrive internationally and intentionally.


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