Science and Research

ICF Singapore’s Coaching Research & Science (CRS) has a Mission to do pioneering research that furthers our Vision to engage members and community for coaching awareness, excellence and advancement, in alignment of our Chapter’s goals to help our members grow the business and enhance their skills as coaches.




We do this by bring trending academic research to the forefront, create a professional dialogue to enhance the effectiveness of coaching, and conduct projects that advance the development of coaching in industry.

If you are interested to get involved in any way, or to contribute, please contact reseach [at] (Avni Martin). 

Industry Research

2020 Study of Interventions for Organisational Development

ICF Singapore is proud to have commissioned the first of its kind pioneering research study “2020 Study of Interventions for Organizational Development in South East Asia, India & Hong Kong.” 


Our team, partners and collaborators

This uniquely positioned research project is designed and delivered by our project team shown below.

For the first time, 9 ICF Chapters in South East Asia, India & Hong Kong and 4 other professional bodies – Singapore Human Resource Institute (SHRI), National Human Resource Development (NHRD) Network, People Management Association of Philippines (PMAP) and the Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches (APAC) – worked together in reaching out to members across the region to gather data to explore trends of human process interventions for Organizational Development (OD). This collaboration covered 9 countries, over 1,300 professionals and resulted in 821 fully completed responses for the research study. Our deepest gratitude goes to all our partners and collaborators shown below.



The top 3 findings from the report

1. Organizations prefer a one-stop shop when it comes to OD interventions.
Emphasis is placed on blending interventions to achieve change by shifting mindsets, providing practical solutions and measurable results. Traditional interventions such as training remain central to OD practices; however coaching is gaining momentum with highly credentialed coaches earning as much as 10 times more than non-credentialed coaches.

2. Organizations are becoming more people centric.

Respondents report an increased demand for in-house counseling/therapeutic services and corporate wellness solutions. More than 70% of them state that people, skills and cultural development are driving the OD agenda.   

3. OD is at the forefront of change.

Despite COVID-19 resulting in a slowdown of external investment, OD remains central to organizational life. The digitization of OD interventions due to COVID-19 is transforming the delivery of training, coaching, mentoring, consulting and counseling, and improving virtual collaborations for teams and individual employees. 


Download a copy of the full report & share your feedback

Please click here to download the report.  Please share any feedback to Avni Martin at research [at] ().

Thank you.

Professional Research

ICF Core Competency Recorded Demonstrations

In line with the vision to “Engage members and community for coaching awareness, excellence and advancement” and create professional dialogues to enhance the effectiveness of coaching, we have initiated an exciting project to create recorded coaching demonstrations of the ICF Core Competencies and Coaching Models. 

Each recorded session aims to focus on specific ICF Core Competencies.   The participants and observers then conduct a 3-way feedback of the session. 

Coaches, mentors, assessors, non-coaches, videographers, and editors are invited to participate in the creation of this project, enabling you to earn CCE Units, opportunity to learn, develop skills, contribute to the community and connect with others interested in coaching.

With the permission of the participants, selected recordings will be transcribed and sent to a mentor coach or assessor to give their formal feedback. These will be made available on ICF Website for the purpose of creating awareness, excellence and advancement of the profession. 


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Academic Research

Research Article Reviews

ICF Singapore Research aims to provide ICF members with a fascinating glimpse into the world of coaching through reviewing relevant and interesting pieces of coaching research in Literature Review which is published every month on Members Newsletters and the latest trends are summarised at an annual presentation. If you would like to submit an article or a review please contact our project coordinators lillian [at] (Lillian Latto)avni [at] (Avni Martin) and maria [at] (Maria Tzortzaki). We welcome your contributions.

You can access interesting articles on coaching that brings forth latest research for our growing industry from Philosophy of Coaching: An International Journal.



ICW Presentation 2017 This PowerPoint presentation highlights research on coaching by ICF Global in the last 10 years from a Coaches, Clients, Organisation and Consumers perspective .
- presented by Avni Martin & Bernadette Cenzon at ICW 2017

Coaching Science and Research Committee Team, Best Practices and Projects created by Avni Martin & Nandini Das Ghoshal

ICF Presentation 2015 This PowerPoint presentation reviews research on coaching from 2010-2014.


Research Library

The ICF Singapore has provided its membership with free access to one of the leading coaching journals “Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice. Login using the username and password listed below to have full access to more than 300 peer reviewed articles.

You many access a range of research arcticles, portals and past projects complied by ICF Singapore & Global Chapters.

ICF Global Research Reports

The International Coach Federation invests each year into industry research to coaching from four different perspectives: Coaches’, Clients’, Organisations’, Consumers’. The massive scope of these reports reveals. Please see the summary of some of the most fascinating glimpse into the world of coaching in a PowerPoint Presentation created by Avni Martin and Bernadette Cenzon for International Coaching Week 2017.


ICF Global – Research Portal

ICF Members and the general public can access coaching journals and download many of the articles found here.


The International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring

Free access journal


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List of organisations that make valuable contribution to the coaching profession are referenced below and also available from the PowerPoint.

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Coaching Science & Research Team

ICF Singapore Coaching Science & Research Committee consists of a team dedicated to its mission and vision.

Avni Martin-min

Avni Martin, Director of Research 

Avni Martin, founder of, provides Certified Coach Training Programs, Executive & Mentor Coaching. She works with organisations and individuals to create breakthroughs to bring about transformation in personal and organisational leadership. Avni is passionate about research and leads the ICF Research Committee to deliver value for the coaching community.

Maria Tzortzaki-min

Maria Tzortzaki, Research Ambassador 

Maria Tzortzaki is a certified coach with MSc in Organisational Psychology from the London School of Economics. Maria contributes to career specialist publications and takes on guest lecturing roles in the UK. Maria is a dedicated contributor of the Singapore Science & Research Committee, taking responsibility for Monthly Article Reviews.

Nandini Das Ghoshal-min

Nandini Das Ghoshal, Research Ambassador 

Nandini Das Ghoshal is an experienced consultant, researcher and facilitator. She is the founder and managing partner of a Singapore-based boutique knowledge consultancy, Insights & More, which approaches business problems with a unique methodology. She is also a Learning Coach skilled in techniques such as Dynamic Facilitation and Lego Serious Play.